Monday 1 November 2010

As pretty as they are, something i really dislike..fireworks! The loud bangs as they explode in the night sky freaks me out to such an extreme. I always get scared that a fireworks going to go wrong and someones going to get hurt. The fear of getting burnt when holding a sparkler is horrible, i always seem to panic. I don't know why i have this irrational fear, it's weird. I've never had a bad experience with fire, no one close to me has either. My Grandma was terrified of fire, and the fact that fireworks may set where she was camping on fire. My mum on the otherhand had a firework land on her head, it had gone out, but she also doesn't like fireworks. I always get freaked out that some malicious evil person would put one through my letterbox, therefore setting my house on fire, or one come through the roof. As far back as i can remember i've always hated fireworks, the minute they start going off, i'm inside in a flash. I always think somethings going to go wrong, and i always fear that my dog or cats are going to get injured! I've been to a couple fireworks displays, in peoples gardens and controlled public ones, and i've hated every minute of them, usually ends up with me in tears or shaking, pathetic i know. When i was younger, i'd run inside, and refuse to go out when the fireworks were going off, now i'm not that bad, i just don't put myself in a situation where i'm near a firework, i stay inside awake all night hoping that nothings going to go wrong. Don't get me wrong, fireworks are beautiful. When i look at all the colours lighting up the sky.. it's just magical! I just wish they weren't ever so dangerous.

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Tess Atkinson said...

they scare me too, it's weird that something so dangerous can look so pretty!

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