Sunday 31 October 2010

I think this is extremely true. Everyone has secrets. Some which need be shared, others which are better off kept secret. Some secrets can tear a family apart, others can destory friendships and relationships and determine whether people will trust you or not. I believe some secrets are neccessary, personal secrets which could only hurt yourself if were to get out. Secrets that may destroy a family, a friendship or a relationship would only destroy it if the secret shouldn't be a secret in the first place, meaning that clearly someone is attempting to hide something. For example, if someones cheated in a relationship, or your bestfriend has stolen money from you. Secrets such as these, are not acceptable, although i understand people would keep them in an attempt to save people from the horrid reality which could destory relationships.In my opinion, if you've got a secret about someone else, it's probably because they've done something wrong, whereas if its about yourself, then i think you should be entitled to keeping it a secret.


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