Stop underestimating me and listen!

Friday 29 October 2010

I think my whole family underestimate me so much, and it's really bugging me. They don't listen to a thing i say.. grr. For about the last year, i've practically been begging my parents, my mum inperticular, to get me a puppy for my Birthday. I already have a dog, a 10 year old black cross betwen a ladbrador & whippet. He's lovely, but he's not mine.. he's the familys. I really want another dog. Something that i can call my own, and take for walks along with my other dog Pepper, and love, and look after. As i've been telling my mum for ages, i happily would. I love ladbrador's, golden retrievers, chihuahuas, cocker spaniels, alsations, terriers, labradoodles, collies, boxers, great pryenees, beagles, dalmations. Literally any dogs! I guess you could say i'm more of a dog person then a cat person. But the fact i have SEVEN cats and a dog, AND a brother, i doubt my parents are going to give in to my wish. Another thing about dogs, there meant to be very theraputic, i'd love to be able to just vent all my feelings towards my dog, just talk to something that can't reply, but i don't think my parents understand that, more like they refuse to listen to that part of it. Ugh. Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas!
So why won't you let me proove myself?
how anyone can ever say no to a creature this beautiful, i will never understand!


Rorie said...

i can't wait until I get an apt that allows dogs so i can get a puppy!!!

katie said...

i love dogs :(
i so want a westie! :D

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