Birthday & Christmas is approaching...

Friday 29 October 2010

Okay, so December has always been a very expencive month for my mum. It's my brothers birthday on the 16th, mine on the 18th and then Christmas on the 25th, and then New Years Eve on the 31st. I love this time of the year, it's so festive, the Christmas Carols being sung, that send shivers up your spine or reduce you to tears, the sitting with a hot water bottle in an attempt to keep the warm, how it brings you and your family closer together. In my opinion Birthday, Christmas and New Year are the main forgiving points in your life. Your Birthday you become another year older, whatever happened when you were that year younger may have been your immaturity out shining you, i mean i definately matured since when i became 16 to when i was 15, not that every mistake in that year is based on immaturity, but how immaturity and naiveness can influence how you behave and react in different situations. Christmas is such a festive time of year, a happy time of year for most, who wants to spend Christmas day alone? I definately wouldn't, because i think thats when you would most definately feel the lowest of the low. I would happily welcome someone who didn't have a supportive family, or a family at all into my family on Christmas Day,because like i said, it's meant to be a happy time of year, so i could never allow myself to allow someone to feel so low. New Years Eve is the perfect day for forgiveness, whatever happened in the past should be resolved, although with the exception of a few things. The New Year can begin a new you, that year can entail whatever you want, to make wild choices if you wish, to knuckle down on school work, to change from playing football to rugby, or whatever takes your fancy. However long you and someone haven't got along, i think that could all change on New Years Eve, just because who wants to start the New Year on a bad note? You want to go into it with a positve mental attitude, and mostly kicking off the start with a hangover recovering from the amazing night before.. am i right?;) That's just my opinion, many people will disagree with me and say the reason they don't get along with that person is there fault, they can apologzie, which in my opinion is quite shallow. It takes 2 people to build a friendship,and to resolve a problem,not just 1. I've always hated when my birthday is, since aslong as i can remember, to be honest, it's for a pretty selfish reason. It;s my birthday, then a week till Christmas, and when i was younger from nearlly everyone apart from my parents, it was 'heres your Birthday & Christmas present'. It used to make me think, why is it suddenly different for me because my Birthday & Christmas are close together? If my Birthday was in June, i guarantee i wouldn't be getting joint presents. See i told you it was a selfish reason. Now though, i make jokes about how it irritates me, truth is, i'm lucky to have a family like mine, i don't think i could ask for much  and over this year i've matured alot, i've been through alot, and it's made me realise. The presents i get for my Birthday & Christmas are things, i want, not things i need. Think of all those people living on the streets, in shelters, scrounging for money, having to steal to survive, in abusive relationships they can't escape, the ones that have been kidnapped, the poor people. There the people who deserve the presents that i get for my Birthday & Christmas, what do they get? A cup of soup for Christmas Dinner while curled up in a box with a thin blanket in an attempt to keep warm, or a Birthday Beating by an abusive partner? I'm such a big believer in giving to charity, i don't do it as often as i should, but the whole 'raising money' for people less fortuante than myself really appeals to be. I donate my old clothes not to charity shops, but to people i know whom are less fortunate than i am, and can't afford the nice clothes i do. I've always said that if i won the lottery, i'd donate alot of it to charity, or give out sums of money to people i know who try their best to get by, but never seem to manage due to disabilitys or lack of qualifications. We had an old 50" TV, which my mum sold to my friend, but i had asked her to donate it to either Great Ormand Street Hospital, or Royal National Orthopeadic Hospital Stanmore. I've been at Stanmore, and i would happily donate money there. GOSH, i don't know much about, i've never been there thank god, but with the click of a fingers i would of donated that TV there, or some money. I want the children in there to be able to celerbate a lovely Birthday or Christmas, it could be there last! This year though, i probably will still ask for presents from my mother, just because i am a 16 year old girl, as selfish as that may seem, but i hope to donate some money i get to a charity where people may not be able to provide for themselves. Such as to people with disabilitys, or elderly people. I'm also going to give my room a good clear out, and donate maybe some old board games to a hospital, some clothes to a charity. I may even get some shoe boxes and fill them with a few little presents which i think some children would like, and get them delivered to a hospital, so they can have a good Birthday or Christmas.
Everyone deserves a good Birthday or Christmas, everyone!

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