Saturday 23 October 2010

Oh, i'm in desperate need of a holiday like you don't understand, or a get away atleast! This last month has been really difficult for me, A-levels, personal medical problems, my CFS, my operation, the fact i can't do a thing for myself, my nan dying, arguments, etc. It's all just really got to me. I want to go to Dubai, spend some time with the family, that would be nice, just what i need. Dubai's beautiful! Stunning, i love it there! he Burj Al Arab at a very expencive nightly rate, the houses on the palm, the mall of the emirates which has amazing shopping, the lit up night city is magnificent as you see it shining, the Atlantis Aquariam Hotel, also very expencive but beautiful, the safari trips in the range rovers, going over sand dunes... fantastic! The last time i went to Dubai was in 2007 and i spent 10days there, it never fails to be one of the best holidays ever.

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