January Favourites 2016

Monday 1 February 2016

Can you believe that we are already in February and January is now just a distant memory? How quickly did that month go!? Here are my January Favourites, enjoy!

I have raved about this lipstick a lot on twitter. This was my first NYX lipstick and i couldn't be happier with the quality of the product. The lipstick is so buttery, very pigmented and just goes on so smoothly. This colour is a lovely deep purple and i've been wearing it constantly throughout January. This lipstick is only £4 as well so it's an absolute bargain!

(Ye!! Portable Charger)
I bought this portable charger from a little shop near me and originally it was £45, but when i went to buy it, it was half price and i just had to buy it. It does up to 4 full chargers but i've definitely got more out of it. It also has two USB points so you can put two phones on charge at once. It's an absolute god send and i'd be completely lost without it.

I got this highlighter in my Makeup Revolution advent calendar and i love it! It is just stunning! When it is applied to just above the cheek bones it leaves such a lovely shimmer. It is very pigmented and you only need a little bit so this product will last a long time. 

(Bobbys Mega Sour Pops in Cherry)
This lollipop is amazing! It's sour which i love and when you get down to the core it becomes bubble gum. It's cherry flavour and tastes so good!

I use to use Benefit Gimmie Brow on my eyebrows and as i was coming to the end of it, i thought i should probably try something else out before spending about £20 on a tiny eyebrow product. Well, after trying this, i'm glad i didn't repurchase the Gimmie Brow. This product makes my eyebrows look so full and more defined. It comes with a wax, brown powder and a highlighter, along with a little brush. Absolute fav!

For Christmas one of my friends very kindly bought me an Apple TV so that i would be able to watch TV in my bedroom. I had freeview but never used it, but since i got this i've been watching TV in my room constantly. I started watching Pretty Little Liars in January, and am already half way through season 4 thanks to being able to watch it in my room. Don't know what i'd do without this now.

Right, so that's it. My January Favourites done. Have we got any similar favourites? If not, tell me what you've been loving!

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