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Wednesday 9 December 2015

On the 1st of December, i managed to persuade my parents to put up the Christmas tree and decorations. Because mine and my brothers birthdays are literally a week before Christmas (2 days apart) they prefer to put them up after our birthday. This year i'm totally in the Christmas spirit and was eager to get the decorations and tree up as soon as possible. This post is just going to be about my tree, and a post about our decorations will follow in the next couple of days!

So this is our Christmas tree! Unfortunately i am unable to show you close shots of some of the baubles because neither one of my cameras would allow me to get a good shot of them, but i've managed to get a good photo of the Angel on top of our tree and one bauble/ornament that i got for the tree this year. We don't have a theme on our tree, though we are thinking of having one next year. On our tree we have some baubles which are a mix between non-personal and personal. We also have some tinsel and some little chocolates. We don't have lights wrapped around our tree, as our tree is actually fake and has lights on it at the end of the branches. Our tree is quite small, and i like to refer to it as pathetic lol.

I had lots of fun helping decorate the tree as you can tell by this photo. I was throwing tinsel around and wrapping it round myself and my pets, who unfortunately moved before i could take a photo dammit. 

This is the bauble/ornament that i got for the tree this year. When my dad and i were out getting presents last month, we came across this little stand, where you could choose an ornament that had spaces to write names on it. I chose this one which looks like the stockings are hanging from a mantel piece. I absolutely love little personalised things like this, i think they can make sure a great addition to your home. My mum was very happy with it when i gave it to her, and everyone liked it, so it was definitely a great buy!

On the top of our tree, we have this Angel. The Angel has a halo, is holding a star wand, has wings and is wearing a lovely white dress. People have all sorts of things on the top of their tree, but we use this Angel because when my mum was a little girl she had this Angel on the top of her tree so it's come up through the generations. I think it looks fabulous on the top of our tree, and hopefully she's sitting up there looking over us and granting our wishes.

What does your tree look like this year?

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