Christmas Bedding | Blogmas #13

Sunday 13 December 2015

I recently went into Tesco, where i bought some Christmas Pyjamas (which you can see here) and also this bedding. This bedding immediately caught my eye as it said Naughty or Nice on the packaging, which i stupidly threw away before i took a photo of it! This is the perfect Christmas bedding! On one side, it says "naughty" on the pillow and on the duvet has little naughty quotes and sayings on it. On the side other side though, it says "nice" on the pillow and on the duvet says little nice quotes and sayings. This is really versatile as you could decide to have it as naughty one day, then change it to nice another day. Or even have the pillows as naughty and the duvet as nice. It's completely up to you! This bedding for a double bed was only £10 which i think is incredible! Unfortunately, it is now sold out on the Tesco website in all sizes :(

So here is the "Naughty" side! The Naughty side is red with white writing which i think it really nice, as obviously red is seen as more of a naughty colour due to it's boldness, whereas a lighter colour could be seen more as a good shade for "nice".

This is the "Nice" side. I love the fact that this side is white with red writing, and some of the little sayings on there are so cute, my favourite being "It's the most wonderful time of the year".

Have you got any Christmas bedding this year? What side is your favourite, Naughty or Nice!?

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