The White Cape Dress

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Luxemme Crepe Flared Sleeve Cape Dress
River Island Black & Gold Statement Necklace (similar here)
Primark Black Ballet Flats (similar here)

I was sent this gorgeous dress from Luxemme to review and i absolutely love it! Capes are really on trend this Autumn & Winter and having it combined into a dress i think is pretty cool. As you can see the dress is white and made out of a kind of crepe material. The cape sleeves part is made out of a much thinner material as opposed to the actual dress.

There is absolutely nothing i don't like about this dress, the only thing i'm not overly keen on is the fact it's a bodycon and i tend to feel like an absolute whale in bodycon dresses. That being said, i really like the fit of this dress and with the cape sleeves it actually makes me feel a bit more confident. I don't entirely know why, maybe it's because it covers the side of me. If they had this dress in black i think i would be a lot more happy because i wear black all the time and never really wear white.
I had a spray tan the other day and had to shoot this outfit while i had it because i think it looks better than if i was to have my normal pasty skin. With my lightly tanned skin i like wearing the white, it really does bring out the tan (not that you can tell in these photos really.)

I would definitely recommend you treating yourself to something from Luxemme as they have some absolute gems on their website at not too bad prices!

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Unknown said...

Ooh that's really unusual, it looks lovely on you! I know what you mean, I'm always happier in black because I'm so pale!

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