OOTD: Plain & Simple

Thursday 1 October 2015

H&M Knitted Pink Jumper (similar here)
New Look Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans
Primark Black Chelsea Boots (similar here)
Miss Selfridge Silver Layered Necklace (similar here)

Firstly i'm going to apologise if these links don't work now, but i've had to write this post in advance and schedule it. Hopefully the links will still work, but if not, then sorry.
This is such a simple outfit, but sometimes simple outfits can be the best ones. As you can see i'm wearing jeans, which is very rare as usually i'm in either in a skirt or dress. I really wanted a nice pair of black high waisted jeans and when i saw these i just bought them without really thinking about it whether i'd wear them. I do like them but whether i'll get much wear out of them is a different story. I got this knitted pink jumper from H&M at the end of Spring, beginning of Summer, and i love it. It's so cosy and i'm a big fan of the pale pink colour. It's a very simple jumper but on the arms it looks kind of like it's inside out. I think it's a really nice little detail though. I love chelsea boots when the Autumn/Winter seasons appear, i just think they're an amazing style of shoe. I bought this Primark pair for £13 which i thinks a pretty reasonable price for a pair of shoes. Due to the zips on the sides of these and the way i walk means the zip always catches my leg, especially when i'm wearing tights which is most of time. I've actually gone and bought a pair from New Look because these are just going to rip holes in my tights. There perfect for when i'm going out in the wheelchair though as i'll just be sitting. I love this necklace. There was another part to it but my dad accidentally broke it which is a shame as it was another layered necklace but with 3 layers and with this one it just looked incredible. I think this necklace still looks really good together and can really just add something to an outfit. I also really like my hair & makeup in these photos, and it's actually how my hair goes naturally which is a win!

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whatiknownow said...

I really love the dainty necklace over the simple outfit, it's so chic and one of my favourite looks at the moment! You look lovely x

Sam // Samantha Betteridge

heath said...

I love this outfit! Simple and casual is the way to go! Love the necklace, shame about it breaking but still it works with just the two layers, very pretty! :)

Heather Xx

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