Nails #4

Sunday 27 September 2015

Typically, the day before i go into hospital, which is also a Sunday i managed to snap my nail. I was so annoyed as i really liked my other nails! I rang round all the nail salons and nowhere was open so thought i'd venture out a little bit further to the next town and thankfully they were open on a Sunday. Hallelujah!

She gave the nail i snapped a repair which only got £3 which was great! I had to choose a new colour as well as it wasn't my usual nail salon, i knew they wouldn't of had the same colour as before. Even though it's the middle of September and it's still too early for Autumnal shades, i went for an Autumnal shade. This is a deep red colour and i absolutely love it! It's such a beautiful colour! I asked the woman what i should get on my accent nail and she suggested a flower. I was a bit apprehensive as i wasn't sure if i'd like it, but i let her do it anyway and i'm so happy with it. I think nails are sexy but also quite classy too.

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