June Favourites 2015

Tuesday 30 June 2015

I haven't actually ever done a Favourites post on my blog before, but i thought it was about time i started to. Granted the photo backgrounds are not great as i'm yet to buy some background bits so for now these will have to do.  Below are 6 pictures of my favourite items and then at the bottoms you'll see that i've posted about my favourite songs, apps and what not.

Original Source Shower Gel in Lime: If any of you read my Boots Wishlist, which you can view here, you'll see i talked a little bit about this shower gel saying that i was going to repurchase it, and well, that's exactly what i did. I actually use this in the bath but it's my favourite wash item. It smells so much like lime, and it leaves my body smelling soo good! Out of the whole range that i've tried this is by far my favourite!

Oranges: I'm addicted! I more or less eat two oranges a day, i find them so enjoyable. Oranges are one of my favourite foods, juicy, delicious and healthy! I'm probably getting too much Vitamin C, but they're just so good!

Minions: If you didn't know already, i am Minion obsessed! If i ever see something thats's to do with minions nine times out of ten i will buy it. On the 26th June the Minion Movie came out and i haven't seen it and i'm actually very upset about it! In McDonalds right now, if you get a happy meal, it comes with a little Minion toy that says a couple of words.

Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Flats: These shoes are from New Look and i love them. I think they're a perfect Summer shoe and they can be worn with everything, shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts and they always look great. I love the simplicity of them, and i've been wearing them a lot throughout June. 

Primark PS Love Lipstick in Lollipop: This lipstick was £2 from Primark and is currently my favourite lipstick. You have to apply qutie a lot, but i think the lipstick is really pigmented. If you've seen some of my most recent Instagram posts, you'll see me wearing it. You can view my Instagram here.

FCUK Glasses: Because i've been spending a lot more time on the computer and really been trying to focus on my blog, i noticed that i probably should start wearing my glasses as i was getting headaches and my eyes felt strained. I found my latest prescription glasses in one of my drawers (probably about a year and a half old) and my eyes already feel a lot better, and i've been wearing them a lot. 

Aston Merrygold -Get Stupid: Does anyone remember JLS? Well Aston Merrygold was more or lesss the lead singer in that group, and now he's gone solo. I really like this songs, it's fun and upbeat and i just wanna start dancing around to it whenever it comes on! You can listen to the song here.
Rachel Platten - Fight Song: I hadn't heard of this artist until this song came out. This song is just beyond beautiful! The words really touch me and make me feel like i've got strength. Here are the lyrics from the chorus.
this is my fight song,
take back my life song
prove i'm alright song,
my powers turned on,
(starting right now) i'll be strong,
i'll play my fight song,
and i don't really care if nobody else believes,
because i've still got a lot of fight left in me.
Give this song a listen here.

Pinterest: I'm loving Pinterest and have really started using it more throughout June. I have a boards with posts from my blog, boards sharing my love for Victoria Beckham and even a board of yummy food! You can follow me here.
Simply Stats: I was introduced to this app by a girl called Becky during one of the bloggers chats. This app allows you to track your blog stats. It's kind of a condensed down version of Google Analytics and is actually understandable. If you struggle to understand Google Analytics i advise you to download this app.

So they are my June Favourites! Let me know what your favourites have been throughout June!

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ashanti brazil said...

Limes smell so good !

Unknown said...

Those shoes are lovely!

Lauren x |

courtzmelv said...

I know, my favourites! x

courtzmelv said...

They're my favourite shoes atm! x

georgia said...

I am obsessed with oranges at the moment.. I eat more then two a day.. So good. love those flats as well! :)

Georgia | The Weekend Attic - Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

anoddgirl said...

your shoes are so cute
great pointed flats

courtzmelv said...

They're just so yummy aren't they! Thanks lovely! x

courtzmelv said...

Thankyou! Yeah i'm loving pointed flats! x

Valentina said...

Great post,I love your flats.I've been having horrible headaches lately too,really need to start wearing my glasses.I'm obsessed with pinterest atm :)

Valentina from

courtzmelv said...

Yeah i find headaches subside when you start wearing your glasses so definitely try and wear them :) Yeah i'm loving pinterest too! x

Unknown said...

Love those new look shoes!!! And I'm also addicted to oranges haha! Great post! x

Rosy x

courtzmelv said...

Thankyou their my favourites! And oranges are just too damn good! x

Unknown said...

I've also just posted my first favourites post today! I love the Original Source products, they smell amazing. As you said you don't have a background for photos, I made my own by painting a piece of wood with white emulsion and it works fine.

Holly x

Amy said...

Them shoes are gorgeous. That lipstick is such a bargain. I quite love there range and will have to pick this one up. Great post lovely.

Amy. Xxxx

Unknown said...

I looove anything lime scented. I'm going to have to see if I can find some of that body wash! It looks wonderful. The glasses at the computer problem is something I've tried to avoid for a long time, but I need to buckle down and just wear them..It helps to know that it really did make a difference for your eyes. I'll quit fighting it!

courtzmelv said...

Oooh thanks for that tip, i might try and do something similar! Thanks! x

courtzmelv said...

Yeah it's such a bargain! x

courtzmelv said...

Do, it's so limey! Yeah unfortunately having to wear glasses at the computer is annoying, but it's worth it in the end x

Amanda said...

I love the source body washes! I have the strawberry one at the min it's Devine! You have to go see the minions it's so funny!

courtzmelv said...

oooh i'll have to try the strawberry one! Yes i know, i want to see it so bad! x

courtzmelv said...

oooh i'll have to try the strawberry one! Yes i know, i want to see it so bad! x

Gweni said...

I'm obsessed with pinterest as well! So addictive xxx

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