Purple & Green

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Skirt: New Look
Shoes(*): Barratts
Nails: Barry M Speedy Quick Dry - Pole Position

This top was sent to me from Blue Vanilla to review. First off, i absolutely love the colour of it. I find that this green colour really seems to suit me. The zip detailing on the front is really quite nice, and it's nothing like the things i already have in my wardrobe. It's a knitted material, and it's quite thick, meaning it's actually quite warm. You don't really need to wear a top underneath it as you can't actually see through the knitwear, though i am wearing one underneath as it's quite chilly today. I really like the quality of this material, and the zip isn't like some zips that you get that are really hard to do up and quite stiff, this one goes up easily without ease.. I think the colour goes really well the colour of my skirt, which i'd say is a purpley-blue tone and is also ribbed. The textures of the top and the skirt are quite different, and i think that can sometimes make an outfit really stand out. I was thinking that a fedora would look quite nice with this outfit, but it was just far too windy to risk wearing one.

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Anonymous said...

Really love that top and it looks lovely paired with the skirt! Also... that nail polish is gorgeous! xo

A little bit of that said...

love the colour of the top it really suits you. great post :)

Bisma Rauf said...

Love that jumper!

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