February 2015 Wishlist

Saturday 28 February 2015

I've rounded up a few of my favourite pieces that i want but haven't bought. Anyone that knows me or reads my twitter/instagram will know that i am a major shopaholic so for me to have not bought these is actually quite weird. Next time i post, i'm sure one of these will be in my wardrobe.

1. DRESS. This first dress is from New Look, it's a black 1/2 sleeve swing dress with a crochet collar. I'm absolutely loving collars this year, so this is very tempting for me to buy. I love how Victorian-esque the dress is, and it could be worn during the day or at night with different accessories.

2. BLOUSE. This blouse is from Topshop, pussybow blouses are a weakness of mine! I just think they are so easy to wear, and will go with the majority of your other clothes to create an awesome outfit. They're comfy and have are a bit of a twist on the more common blouse. The pussybow can give a more of a sophisticated look in my opinion.

3. DRESS. This Fashion Union pink scallop hem layered dress is just fabulous! Light pink is a favourite colour of mine and i think can go well with anything. Layered dresses like this are something that i've found fit my figure very well and make me feel comfortable in what i'm wearing more so than some other things, so when i saw this it just had to be on my wishlist.

4. DRESS. This AX Paris dress oozes classes with it's bodycon fit, and it being strapless. The colour contrast works amazingly. Pink and black go together so well and i think this has just created a beautiful dress. The dress would be perfect to wear to a posh event, such as a fancy dinner party.

5. TOP. I saw this River Island tee and it immediately caught my attention, as i'm sure it would with a lot of people due to the eyes that are printed on it in the breast region. I've seen similar tops like this on people floating around the blogosphere, and i think it's about time i invested in one.

6. COAT. I adore Dorothy Perkins coats! My last one was from there, and after seeing this i think my newest one could be from there too. The coat is a cream colour trench coat and would be perfect for the weather that we're getting here at the moment in the UK.

7. DRESS. I wear skater dresses a lot of the time, i practically live in them to be quite honest with you. This Topshop red, blue and white striped dress really appeals to me, it's got more vibrant colours as opposed to the darker colours you seen in the autumn/winter time. The colours of this dress really feels like we're getting into Spring and that the sunshine is coming.

8. DRESS. I saw this dress in Topshop when in London and i don't know whether i was more upset about the fact they didnt have my size, or the price tag. For £65.00 this 60's shift dress is amazing! I love the colour of it, it's grey but it looks like it's been speckled in black and white tiny dots. If i were to buy this i could see myself getting a lot of wear out of it, but they don't have my size or many left in stock online.

9. BOOTS. I already own a pair of Chelsea Boots, but considering i don't wear heels and i always feel like a bit of a shorty these River Island chunky platform chelsea boots could be the end of all my problems. The black boots could be worn in either the day or the night, and still make a good outfit, great!

10. SKIRT. This camel coloured skirt from New Look i feel in love with when i tried it on in the shop and i would of bought it if they had had my size, but unfortunately not. The A-line skirt has two zips at the front, giving it a nice quirky look compared to others. The colour is great too!

Let me know what you've got on your wishlist at the moment!

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HariRari said...

I love the first dress, it's so cute!

Unknown said...

Love the trench coat :)

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