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Thursday 28 August 2014

x xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx Dress(*): Red Label
Bangle: River Island
Sunglasses: Topshop
Shoes: New Look

I was sent this dress by the lovelies at Red Label. Unfortunately it has taken me a while to post and review this dress due to a couple of complications with my health (don't worry i'm fine :)) So i do want to apologise to Red Label for the delay in this post being live.
Firstly, let me start off by saying that this dress is absolutely stunning, don't you think? It's a perfect evening dress and is something i'd be likely to purchase due to it's interesting detail and nude colour. I really am a fan of this detailing, it's a bit Victorian-esque and i've always been a lover of that, that's probably why i am so attracted to this dress. It fits like a dream, so they are definitely true to their size too. To make this work as a day dress, i added a few simple accessories, such as a bangle and a pair of sunglasses. This day was rather chilly too, so i wore a pair of black tights which i think also dresses the dress down to. I'm wearing a pair of 'dolly shoes', which i think are really cute with this outfit. 

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Laura//daisychaindream said...

I was wondering where you had got to. Looking lovely xx

Anonymous said...

Nice dress, do you already have a very similar dress to this in another colour? Possibly turquoise? Did it rain, there sure are some grey clouds lol x

Anonymous said...

it's very similar to this dress x

Panty Buns said...

So sorry to read you were suffering through health issue complications. You look fabulous in the photos above and your Red Label dress looks beautiful on you. I see they have a lot of pretty fashions on their website.

Anonymous said...

Your arms are huge.

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