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Wednesday 9 July 2014

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Dress(*): Chi Chi
Necklace(*): Lola & Grace 
Shoes: Kin by John Lewis

I was sent this beautiful dress by the lovely people at Chi Chi through the Etail PR blogger network. The reason behind choosing this dress was that it is nothing like anything I have ever owned before. The off white colour really compliments that off the black lace that is over the bust area and shoulders. Everyone knows that black and white are classic colours and look fab together, and this is no exception. (Yes, I know the colour is more creamy than white but you catch my drift.) I decided to wear this dress with a rose gold necklace and my new black beautys - meaning my shoes. I got these shoes in the John Lewis sale, £80 reduced to £24! What a bargain! I thought these heelless ankle strap shoes would go nicely with he dress and the black of the lace and of the shoes would work well together. I love this dress and I advise you go and check out their collection of dresses, you will be blown away by how stunning they are - trust me!

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Photo-Jenn-ic said...

This dress is gorgeous! What a great price too!


Rachel said...

You look lovely, that dress is stunning! xo

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