Carly's 5 Beauty Tricks You Probably Didn't Know (Guest Post)

Monday 10 February 2014

As a beauty junkie/fanatic/obsessive-who-probably-needs-some-therapy-and-no-not-the-retail-kind, I'm constantly looking for new beauty tips and tricks that will blowwww myyyy minnnddd. Some of them are so simple yet effective it leaves me scratching my head and wondering "why on earth didn't I think of that?" and some of them are just so downright cray that they must have been invented by Dynamo or someone. Proper wizarding shizzle. So here are 5 of my favourite ever beauty tricks that have been tried and tested by yours truly. (P.S. Just to clarify, when I say "tricks" I don't mean Expelliarmus or the Patronus Charm. Harry Potter fans will be disappointed, there ain't no Dumbledore up in here!)

  1. Draw a cross with your lipliner to get an even Cupid bow cupidbow 
Hmmm... Cupid bow.... Now where have I heard that before? ;) for those of who you aren't sure what this is, it's the curve of your top lip, which is shaped like Cupid's love arrow. See it now? When drawing on your lip liner this is usually the hardest bit to line and can sometimes end up lopsided. I discovered this nifty little trick a while ago and it's easy like Sunday morning... If you draw a cross just below the dip of your lip (Carly was a poet and she didn't know it) it will give you a much more even Cupid bow. You could even draw it a little higher above your natural lip line to get a full, luscious Angelina Jolie pout! Brad not included. 

2. Pop your finger in your mouth after lipstick application to get rid of excess
We've all been there. Chatting to a hot guy and can't help but notice he's staring at our lips. This is it... He's going in for the kiss... Oh wait... What... He's walking away... What the... *looks in mirror* Ah. More lipstick on your gnashers than your lips. Ugly Betty alert. To avoid future embarrassments that could cost you your future husband, pop a finger into your mouth after applying your lipstick and pull it out. It will pick up the excess that normally finds it's way onto your pearlies so you can spend the nigth worry-free!

  3. Using tape at the corners of your eyes to apply even winged liner
Hands up who’s ever done a perfectly angled winged liner on one eye, but then ended up with the other eye practically pointing in the other direction, like your 4 year old sister has had a go? And then you have to take it off, smudging your eyeshadow with it which was flawless! Save yourself the agro and use sticky tape at the corners of your eyes to act as a stencil. Stick the tape to your hand and pull it on and off a couple of times to remove some of the residue, as you don’t want it to take off your foundation when you remove the tape. Then apply to the outer corners of your eyes and run the eyeliner against it. VOILA! 

4. Spray perfume behind your ears, knees and on the inside of your elbow
Now I'm about to get all scientific on you... *pops on lab coat*... As well as your wrist and base of throat, you should actually spray your perfume behind your ears, on the inside of your elbow and behind your knees. These are your pulse points which create heat, and once sprayed the heat will help to diffuse the scent of the perfume. These are parts of your body which are also constantly moving, allowing the fragrance to be wafted around you... *takes off lab coat*... Or as Coco Chanel famously said "A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed". That's more like it. 

5. Use shaving cream to get makeup stains out of clothes
So you're rushing around to go out, just finished doing your makeup, pull your top over the head and run down the stairs to leave. You look in the mirror for a last minute check and you're horrified to see that your top has makeup all over it. &%£*&%#*^!! The thought of having to choose another outfit with literally no time to spare is nearly sending you into cardiac arrest. Hold your horses! Try this instead. Apply a dab of shaving cream to the stained areas and wipe it away with a damp cloth. It will dry very quickly and you'll see the makeup has vanished! OK so I reckon this one may have come from Hogwarts... Harry Potter fans there was something in it for you after all!
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Lela London said...

The 'X' trick is amazing. The cupid's bow is the one thing I always stress over!


Dancing with my cat said...

cool tricks :)

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