Abbie's Mascara Review (Guest Post)

Sunday 16 February 2014

I'm Abbie and I'm from Kittens in Top Hats. I'd like to say a massive thank you to Courtney for asking me to guest post. I've been blogging for well over a year now and this is my first time doing this so I hope it goes ok! I blog about beauty, fashion and a few lifestyle posts in between. 

I am obsessed with make up. Plain and simple. So today I am going to be reviewing Maybelline's The One by One Volum' Express mascara.  

This mascara comes in a red tube with a metallic blue bit in the middle between the tube and the lid. The packaging is the same shape as a few other Maybelline mascara's and it also has the de-clumping segment inside the tube too which I like. The wand is really easy to use and handle. It helps that it is made out of rubber so it is bendier so you can get into the corners of your eyes easier. 
The price may differ slightly depending on whereabouts you get it from. I picked this one up in Superdrug for £7.99 a few months ago now. 
The wand is an oval shape with the bristles starting from the corners starting smaller to the middle of the wand and they are at the longest. 

Each row of bristles are spaced out to the next one to help coat the lashes evenly without them clumping together. 

Close up of the wand. Sometimes not all the mascara comes off of the want and I simply de clump it by tapping the remainder onto the top of the mascara tube. 
Close up of the wand. 'Scuse the cotton wool fluff on the end I was cleaning it! 

Make up free selfie ah!

I had no make up on at all for this. Here is my eye. 

A close up of my eye. 
And another to show there isn't a scrap of make up on my face.

To show the best results I have applied two coats to my left eye and left my right eye bare for the time being to show the difference between the mascara and no make up.
Ta da!  Two coats of mascara later and I have lovely, long voluminous eyelashes! 

I think this photo best shows the difference between the mascara and the make up free lashes. The mascara gives my lashes a lovely curl to them too.

Another close up of my lashes and eye. 

With my eyes closed you can see the difference in lash length and colour. Towards the outer corner of my eye you can see where my lashes have clumped together slightly. To get rid of clumped lashes, I use a clean mascara brush and comb through my lashes which usually helps to get them how I like. 

Pros of this product:
It's very pigmented and rich in colour helping to give a really deep black colour. 
It defines and lengthens lashes. 
Adds volume.
Has a de-clumping tube so the wand shouldn't get too clogged up. 
Rubber wand makes it easier to use and also the oval shape of the wand helps to reach all the lashes and get into the corners of your eyes.
Great value for money.
I like the colours of the packaging too.
Lasts all day. 
Doesn't flake off. 
Only needs two layers. 
Removes easily too!

Cons of this product:
I seem to get a lot of product on the brush which I don't like. I have to dab the excess onto the top of the tube. 
Like most mascaras, the more coats the thicker and clumpier the lashes look. With this mascara I'd recommend two coats. As the mascara is quite thick and gloopy anyway the more coats you add the more likely it is your lashes will stick together. 

I'd definitely recommend this mascara! After using Benefit's They're Real for a while I wasn't sure I'd find anything quite like that one but I must say I think they're on par with each other and would probably choose Maybelline over Benefit not only because of the price but I have got on a lot better with this mascara. 

Thanks again Courtney, and thank you for reading! Love A x

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Zoe Archer said...

I have this mascara and its fabulous. It looks amazing on your lashes too. x

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