Laura's Retro Gift Guide (Guest Post)

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Sometimes I miss the 90s. Don't get me wrong, I can't imagine being without my mobile phone, iPad or laptop these days but there was something just about what was available when I was growing up (and before, I know some of what I'm about to feature was earlier than that, but well, I wasn't here to remember it!). Find Me a Gift are bringing on a bout of nostalgia with their range of retro themed gifts this year...perfect for those who miss the "good old days".

Personalised Mixtape Print- from £14.99. I'm a bit sad that nobody will ever make me a mix tape. An iTunes playlist just isn't the same as having something physical to treasure and get all romantic over is it?

As a child I remember begging for a "Mr Frosty" slush maker and was so jealous of my cousins who did have one. I was also a slush puppy addict so this Retro Slush Machine is right up my street. £59.99

Ahh VHS, remembering to set the machine to record a TV programme. Getting the tape all tangled (or worse, snapping it). The clunking noises it used to make. I don't think I miss  those but this VHS notebook is still pretty damn cool. £12.99

Space Invaders. Before my time but still so awesome. This wallet and cufflinks set is only £9.99 and would be the perfect present for Dads, Uncles, Brothers and Boyfriends. I kinda wish I wore shirts.

Before I upgraded to a Nintendo (you know, the black and white screen and as big as a VHS job) I used to have a plastic tetris set that I was obsessed with. The obsession continued on screen and I dare say if given the game again now I would soon be hooked again. I am loving this light (£25.99) especially as you can move the pieces around and have it how you wish. I'd never leave this alone!

What retro gifts would you like to find under your tree this year? What do you remember/miss from childhood?

Find Me a Gift have an amazing selection of retro and non-retro gifts, including some amazing personalised pieces and some snazzy special offers. A must-browse for the festive season. I'm an addict.
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LoveT. said...

Great Stuff! Love the Retro Slush Machine!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of the Mixtape Print - such a lovely gift! x


sartob said...

LOVE 'EM! i do feel the same sometimes. i wish i can return to my childhood & travel back & forth to the future lol. great review!


megcasson said...

That tetris light is so cool!

Fresh Is Yummy said...

Amazing post!

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