Dinesha's Style Advice (Guest Post)

Saturday 14 December 2013

Hi my name is Dinesha Johnson I blog at and I decided to share a little style advice that has come in handy for me, and that is to break style rules!

Don’t Just Bend The Style Rules, Break Them!!      
      Style rules are everywhere, this must go with this and this will clash with that, but what if there were no rules. What if we all were free to put whatever we want together and just run free, but wait we can do that now! A few style rules you can toss in the fiery pit of old fashion begins with:

Old Style Rules                                     
  • Don’t wear white after labor day   
  • Avoid horizontal stripes if you’re curvy
  • Make your boots, belt and bag match
  • Don’t clash your metals
  • Don’t mix prints

New Style Rules
  • Wear white whenever you want, in fact wear all white it looks fresh and classic. White is a massive trend right now, so get inspired by a snowman and strut in a sexy all white suit, or little white dress for the holidays.
  • Horizontal stripes work for every body shape. From bloggers like, Peggy of OntheQTrain to the Fashionista Next Door and Karla’s Closet,everybody can pull of stripes in their own way! 
  • I honestly can’t imagine spending an extra 30 minutes in the morning to make sure my boots, bag and belt match when in reality there are a lot more fun ways to coordinate them. Accessories were meant to accessorize, accentuate and be played with!
  • Avoiding mixed metals is a rule I used to believe in a 110% of the way. I would cringe at the idea of wearing a silver ring and then putting on gold or rose gold earrings on accident. Well one day I decided to clash my metals in one outfit, guess what happened…nothing. If anything clashing the metals made me look edgy(win!).
  • Although mixing prints has become a staple in the fashion world once upon a time it was considered a fashion fear. Now everyone mixes prints left and right to create visual interest, get creative and make statements of their own!

   Leave a comment below if you can think of some style rules that need to be broken!

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Jennifer - Barely There Beauty said...

Totally agree with the horizontal stripes, they even said it on QI and who's to argue with Stephen Fry?! :P (formerly Tigerlily's Beauty Blog!)


The darling cherry said...

I think some rules are so unnecessary! Like the one you told about the metals,who really cares?
I agree with everything you said :)

Deejay Speaks said...

I knew I wasn't the only one who felt that way lol!

Deejay Speaks said...

thanks so much!

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