Becca's Casual Winter Outfit (Guest Post)

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Hello lovelies!
My name is Becca and I run a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog called MissBeccaBeauty. The weather outside is cold and everybody needs a practical and stylish outfit that will keep them warm at moment. The outfit I have chosen is very casual but at the end of the day will keep you nice and snug!

The Jumper- This jumper is the Lucy Paris Fenia Loose Knit Jumper and i choose this one as it looks so warm. I love the little chain of detailing down the front and the way it comes in around hte wrist is really flattering.

The Jeans- Some of you may think these are quite summery jeans, but I like them as they add a subtle bit of colour to the outfit. I can sometimes find black jeans to be boring as everyone wears them in winter. The washed out texture is really cool and I wish i had a pair of jeans like these. These are from New Look so should be fairly easy to get your hands on them.

The Coat- Looking at this coat, it reminds me of an Eskimo! I can just imagine wearing this coat with the furry hood up in the middle of a snow blizzard and i can be pretty sure it will keep me toasty warm. This one is from Hollister and I love it. 

The Boots- Who doesn't love UGG boots in Winter? They are like the perfect fashion choice. The fur inside them keeps you feet lovely and warm, while they look really fashionable. The chestnut boots are my favorite and I like the tall ones because you can wear them tall or roll them down and show off the furry fur inside them!

The Bag- Some of you eager-eyed readers will have noticed that this bag is very similar to the Zara Office City Bag, but this is actually from H&M. I like that it is black as it will go with everything and is good for carry everything around with you. You could even use it for school.

The Gloves- How cute are these little glove-ies? I like that you can wear them and go on your phone at they  same time because they don't cover your fingers. Monochrome accessories are good because they will go with more of your wardrobe...

The Snood- Talking of monochrome this snood is a must. I love snoods as I find they really pull an outfit together and I think they look really nice with a big coat. The gloves match the snood as well so you could pair them together.

The Lipstick- One word springs to mind when I see a lipstick of this colour... WINTER. This is the perfect colour for this time of year and you can wear this colour with any outfit. I wish I had the confidence to pull this lipstick off. It is such a dark colour but if you wear it right it looks amazing!

So that is a wrap you lovely people! I would really like it if you would hop on over to my blog and say hi to me. I always love chatting to you in the comments and if you want to say hello on twitter my username is @MissBeccaBeauty
MissBeccaBeauty xo

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Bisma Rauf said...

Lovely pairing :)

New Post Up: said...

so cosy :)


The darling cherry said...

great outfit! perfect for winter,as it's cute and cozy :)

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