Areeba's Fashion Fails (Guest Post)

Friday 20 December 2013

Hey all, I'm Areeba from I Have A Messy Bun blog. I have a lifestyle {aka anything-living-everything-awesomeness} blog. I have cray cray hair and huge love for food!
I'm sharing my fashion fails stories on Courtney's pretty blog. I always suck at  fashion but when I see lovely fashion bloggers out there, I feel like I WANNA DO THIS FASHION! I'm great at pairing my jammies with anything. Once I went to my aunt's birthday in jammies. Gahh fashin police, you should arrest me ASAP!

I went out on a treasure hunt with my little cousins {found nothing but stones and dead leaves} in my pjs & poncho. 

I don't mind wearing socks with flip flops. My friends hate it, considering that it's a fashion failure. Love, it's comfortable and I believe there are many peeps in this world who do this. Okay, this might be your pet peeve in fashion!

I regret making this my Facebook profile. Who wears sunglasses in late evening while in car? Ohh I did. Maybe I'm just so..... cool?

Pink polka dotted nails
Not my nail.
When I saw this on Pinterest, I told myself that I'm gonna do that anyhow! It seems pretty simple but it's a BOMB! You never know that what's the result. I wish I had superb qualities of nail art. Why I suck at this? God knows better.

That's how my nail art ended up. This doesn't look like polka dots, pimples maybe? You guess..

I have a messy bun. I have crazy hair. I actually wore this hairstyle to my friend's party. Friends, be proud of me!
Have you ever suffered a fashion failure? Lezzbehonest!

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Unknown said...

Haha, perfect as always! I love you for all your quirks xxx

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