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Friday 15 November 2013

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Hat: New Look
Jumper: Tesco
Blazer: Vintage
Leggings: Boohoo

So this is what i'm wearing today, keeping me warm in this bitter Winter chill that we have here in England at the moment. I decided it was time to wear a jumper, so i decided to wear this jumper that mumsy bought for us to share aka now mine hehe. It's lovely and i love the colour of it and how the white and dark grey glides through it creating a lovely look, i also love the pattern on the jumper that you can't see that well unfortunately. I thought i'd wear it with these disco pants from Boohoo which i'm utterly in love with, i love wearing them as leggings, as it's a lot more fashionable then a normal pair of leggings and creates a better outfit. I'm wearing this Vintage blazer and i think the dark pink colour really compliments the jumper and vice versa, and to clash with this, i've worn a red beanie hat, which i think actually works quite well.

So i ended up in hospital via ambulance again last night after suffering with severe chest pains. My heart rate was going a bit fast, and it turned out that my potassium had gotten quite low again. Stupid body. I'm fine now, just got to take potassium supplement tablets that dissolve into a drink, which tastes absolutely vile, but ohwell, it's needed.

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Anonymous said...

Your vintage blazer is gorgeous!!!
Love the styling and colour blocking :)


Hayley said...

I love the jumper and the hat, you look great :)

daisychain said...

Nobody rocks red like you! x

Unknown said...

I like the pop of red :) x

the style crusader said...

Love the combination of the red hat and blazer. Really sweet look. xx

char said...

Not good about the hospital, but I'm glad you're ok now.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous outfit, you look amazing! And so glad you are now feeling better xxx

Unknown said...

You look beautiful, sorry you haven't been well lately xxx

The darling cherry said...

gorgeous look!

Mani said...

I absolutely love your blazer, it's such a great colour! I hope you're feeling better now, by the way.

alliedavies182 said...

fab colour coordinating!

Hope you're feeling better soon :)


Rachel said...

gorgeous outfit, the jumper looks so comfy and i love the blazer! xo

Signe said...

LOVE the blazer and sweater combination!! Just found your blog and I'm sorry to see what you've gone through- I can relate. I'm a new follower :) If you're interested you can follow me as the meantime I look forward to reading more!

Unknown said...

Love that red blazer! It's gorgeous


Laura Thornberry said...

You look stunning!
Love the blazer and the jumper! Such a lovely combination!

Laura xox

Sarah said...

Love this! So simple, but I do love a touch of red <3

Sarah xx
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Scottish Stef's Nails said...

really love the red & grey combo!:)

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