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Monday 18 November 2013

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Jumper: Hackett
Shorts: New Look
Necklace: ASOS Marketplace
So i got this mens jumper from a Charity Shop and absolutely love it, not only is it pure wool, making it extremely comfy and warm, but it's also a lovely shade of red. I like that it's got quite a high neck, well it is a mens jumper after all, but i think it's perfect for this Winter season. Definitely invest in a mens woolen jumper if you can't handle the cold, like me. I love these faux leather shorts from New Look, definitely one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe at the moment, i think they're great throughout the seasons, and can create such a fabulous look. I decided to wear my hair in a high bun today, to create the fierce look i was after, as opposed to the usual hair down look. I love this little necklace too, i think it really finishes the look off, and has such a pretty, yet grungey pattern on it.

So, nothing new is going on in my life really. I genuinely must lead the most boring life possible. No work and no studying, makes for a very bored Courtney. But it's down to health issues, not because i don't want to. I've got two hospital appointments this week, i've got my Psychiatrist tomorrow, which shall be, uhm...interesting to say the least and i've got my Occupational Therapist on Thursday which shall be good to see, as it's been well over a month. But yes, that's the life of Courtney. Hospital, Hospital, Hospital. lol.

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daisychain said...

Men's jumpers are the best xo

Unknown said...

i'm loving those shorts! x

Sophie Ottewell said...

Love your shorts! xx

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! You sort of remind me of Cara Delevigne



Unknown said...

I love your outfit really suits you x

Roxanne said...

I love the outfit, it's super fab. And it really matches the edginess in your Make-Up!

Thanks for sending me your link via Twitter, looking forward to reading more in the future

Roxilicious82 @ Simply Roxilicious!

Unknown said...

Love this. You look amazing !!!

Dream in Lace said...

I really love this much so I may use it to inspire an outfit tomorrow. I also love how moody you look in these pictures! I know that sounds weird but you have some serious modeling chops girlie!


Kate said...

Good luck with all your appointments!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! Wish I could pose like that! Hah! Beth xo Good luck for your appointments.

Clo said...

Hi thanks for your sweety comment :) of course i want to follow each other, i start for first, i'm your #917 follower :) You look so pretty and like a lot big sweater, and also red is my favourite color
Have a great sunday
kiss Clo

Izumihiiiflower said...

thank youu <3 this outfit is simply perfect <3

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