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Monday 4 November 2013

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Jumper: New Look
Jeans: Boohoo
People who read my blog regularly will know i'm always a bit wary when it comes to jeans. I don't entirely know why but i've always steered clear of them, until recently. I bought these lilac coloured jeans from Boohoo a few days ago and i absolutely love them, the colour is just perfect for the season, and i'm a sucker for pastel colours. They fit nicely and i genuinely really like them! I decided to grunge it up a little by wearing this cross black jumper, i think it goes really well with the jeans and creates a lovely little outfit. I'm not wearing any jewellery as i think it would of overpowered the outfit.

So, i'm still kind of weak, but i'm alot better than i was when i was in hospital, so thank you for all the "get well" messages. I've got a pretty quiet week ahead of me, resting mostly and think i've got a hospital appointment. I'm thinking about doing an Open University course in journalism, fashion journalism if possible. Has anyone studied an OU course before?

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Beautyblogpage said...

You look lovely! Love those jeans! I'm the same, I steer away from jeans at all costs just because I feel so insecure in them! I might try a pair of pastel jeggings some day! Great post x

Anonymous said...

Love the jeans, Courtney! I've been contemplating an OU course too x

naz said...

I've done a module with open university was really good love the pastel against the navy jumper

daisychain said...

take care of you sweetheart. I'm the same with jeans, this pink pair look fab on you! xx

Unknown said...

Your pants are so pretty! (:

Please may I? said...

Glad to hear you are ok. Loving the coloured jeans on you.

X x

Anonymous said...

Amazing jeans! Your make up looks so pretty too.


Amy - Salt and Chic said...

Love the colour of the jeans!! You look great

None said...

Hiya Courtney!
Thank you for sending me your link on the #fblchat tonight, I am loving your blog -and this outfit!
I can't believe you live in hertfordshire, so am I when I'm not at uni!
New follower and looking forward to future posts. Would love it if you had a little peek over at my blog, I'm on YouTube now too and it would be lovely to have your feedback!
Emily xxx

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