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Tuesday 29 October 2013

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Blazer: Primark via Charity Shop
Last Thursday i attended the AX Paris Party in London and this is what i wore. I decided to wear this outfit, as it was a fabulous excuse to dress up. This dress is something i've had for ages, and finally had an excuse to wear, i love how flicks at the bottom, and has a lovely design running down the middle of the dress. I chose a black dress, well, because you can't really go wrong with a black dress, and it always looks classy. This cropped cream blazer really compliments the dresses design due to having a little Victorian look about it. I love the shoulder pads in this blazer, really gives this outfit that oomph that it needed. I chose red nails and a red lippy to go with this outfit, and i'm wearing a two fingered peach cross ring.

The event was beyond fabulous and it was great to meet some people from the AX Paris and Etail PR team as well. They were lovely. I also met some amazing bloggers that i've admired for ages and the whole event was just so much fun. Free cockails and canap├ęs all night. The cocktails were divine, and the event which was held at Proud Cabaret was fantastic. The entertainment was incredible, from burlesque to fire breathers, and the host was hilarious. I had a great time and was honoured to be invited. 

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daisychain said...

Love the details on this dress xo

Sammie said...

The dress is so nice! :) really flattering. I've never been to an event but this is similar to something I would pick :)

Forever Miss Vanity said...

I love this outfit, it's beautiful!

I'm following :)


Mikka said...

Aww your so lucky, I'm glad you enjoyed the party. If I'm near London would love to go to :) So chic outfit, you look great :)

Unknown said...

I am so in love with your entire outfit but especially that dress (:

underthewillowtrees said...

Such an elegant look. Lovely xx

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous lovely! :) Beth xox

Anonymous said...

cool jacket!


Rachel said...

gorgeous outfit, i am loving that dress! xo

Unknown said...

Gorgeous dress and the pattern makes it even more lovely! Xx

Lix Hewett said...

Love this look! Followed you on Bloglovin - thanks for tweeting me your link!

Anonymous said...

Cute jacket!!

Love your blog hun, you have awesome style. Just followed :)



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