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Wednesday 21 August 2013

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Top: Vintage
Leggings: Boohoo
Ring: New Look

First post with my new hair. It's hard finding things that actually go with the colour of your hair when you've been a certain colour for so long. This is my dads top, and my mum actually wore it when she was pregnant with me. So this tee is over 20 years old, and still in tact and who'd of thought i'd be wearing this top, like seriously. Pretty crazy right?! These leggings i recently bought, and i've been oozing to wear them, and i think due to the multi coloured tones within the top, it looks great with this pair of vertical striped monochrome leggings. I think the combination is fabulous, and actually looks better than expected.

So i'm coming to terms with the colour of my new hair, it's really growing on me actually (thankfully!) I'm really happy with the change actually, a nice change is always good, and was most definitely needed in this case!

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daisychain said...

I am a bit in love with that top! x

Anonymous said...

I love that top and I love that your parents wore it. My parents were compulsive shoppers and threw away all their old stuff haha. The stuff they DID keep is gross. No cool t-shirts like this :(

Unknown said...

That tee is so nice! x

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