Interview with Lydia from Fashion Influx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I recently sent over a selection of questions to a few bloggers to interview them, to give mine and their readers an insight into the depth behind their blog and what inspires them etc. Just getting to know a bit more about them as a person really.

The first person i interviewed was the lovely Lydia over at Fashion Influx who's blog is a true favourite of mine, her fashion sense is flawless and i'm so very jealous of her wardrobe and figure!


What made you decide to start blogging?
I've always read blogs, so I thought it was about time I joined in! I was also looking for something that would keep my creative side going whilst doing a very boring English degree. 

How did you come up with your blog name?
My blog name was pretty random, I just wanted it to have 'fashion' in the title & I didn't want it to be something I would hate in a few years.

What inspires you to blog?
Other bloggers! I love looking at other people's style and I guess I am a little bit nosey. I like to see what other people are wearing, how they are wearing it and then try out similar things myself.

Is there any celebrity that inspires your style or beauty regime?
Celeb style wise I love the Olsens, but I guess every blogger does! I think Gwen Stefani is really inspiring too, she dresses better than people in their 20s!

What are your favourite High Street stores and why?
H&M is probably my favourite. It's cheap and is always coming out with new, on trend stuff.

What do you do besides blogging -Do you have any other hobbies or a job?
I'm currently interning & trying (failing!) to get a part time. I've just finished a placement as a PR intern & now I'm working for a upcoming fashion magazine. 

Describe yourself in 5 words?
Oh I have no idea! I'm not really too good at describing myself but I'd like to think I'm quite friendly & approachable. 

What are your 5 must have items and why?
Docs, round sunglasses, some sort of hat (beanie for winter, bowler for summer), my much loved Primark belt and my sentimental jewellery. 

What is your target audience that your reaching out to?
Erm I haven't ever really thought about it! I guess people that have similar interests to me. Having said that, I read loads of blogs that are completely irrelevant to my own interests!

Blogging wise, what is your greatest achievement?
Working with some insanely fab bloggers at the Missguided Bloggers Shoot. 

Lastly, do you have any tips for other bloggers?
Social network! I love talking to other bloggers & it's also good for getting tips from HTML to beauty advice. 

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Anonymous said...

I love Lydia's blog - this was a great interview xo

Corinne said...

I really like her style! I'm going to check out her blog now. I hope you manages to get part time work soon!

Corinne x

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