Wishlist #4

Tuesday 11 June 2013


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1. This 3/4 sleeve playsuit is just so cute and can be worn casually or formally. the little heart print pattern is adorable and if looking at the playsuit from a distance it just looks chequered. I'm not usually a big fan of playsuits but was really attracted to this one!

2. This book called 'The Secret' was something my hairdresser Charlotte was talking to me about, it's about how things that you wish for to happen can happen - or something kinda like that, she said i'd really enjoy it and it's a good read apparently after reading some reviews, i may have to get it for about £9.

3. This MAC lipstick is a necessity for my makeup bag, the shade is 'Hang-Up' and i like the deepness of the colour, i know it'll look good against my skin tone and hair colour as the deeper colours such as this always seem to.

4. I have no idea what it was about this blouse, but i need it.I think it could be the Victorian esque theme about it making it feel very 1900's. I just really like it and think it'd be a great addition to my wardrobe. It's unusual too, which is always good.

5. The Skort. The Skort. The Skort. I've seen this all over the blogsphere, and after frequently seeing it, it has made me slowly but surely come around to liking it. I've mostly seen it in white, but for me, it's got to be the black one, i think it's far more attractiv

6. So this necklace is needed in my life. Not with the letters 'ZOE' obviously, but i really want one that says 'COURTZMELV' on it!

7. This jacket is just perfection. The collarless biker jacket is very me, and the colour is just beautiful. I really like the fact it's collarless, making it different to the majority of things seen on the High Street at the moment. I think it'd be a great addition to my wardrobe and would be great outerwear attire.

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vv said...

love hang-Up by Mac. it's my mum's but i always use it haha ;) xo

RosyChicc said...

I love the MAC lipstick, it's absolutely amazing! <3 I definitely recommend The Secret, it really is something special! :)

Andrea | RosyChicc

T said...

Great wish list! I love the scrabble necklace!
Do you have BL so I can follow you because your blog is amazing? I have no space left on my GFC ):
Fashion Ganache.

Rosie said...

I just bought this skort! Then I realised they have amazing dupes on ebay for less than a tenner with postage! I think I might have to buy the blue one as well

HighlandFling said...

What a pretty playsuit, I love the colour and print. I love the dark plum lipsticks too, my favourite colour!

Em x

char said...

The playsuit does look lovely, I've never ordered from Boohoo because my friend once had a sequin top from them which smeared all of the colour from the sequins all over us as soon as we took it out of the packaging.


No.7 is pure perfection - i mean PINK LACE Detail (♥_♥)!!!
Lace is quite in fashion now, and i don't think, that it will be ever out of style again.
Going to have a closer look on this jacket now ,) - thanks for sharing dear ♪

XOXO from Germany
Vernissage ♥ Cream

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