Week In Photos #17

Sunday 17 March 2013

ive had my extensions out, the brother posing, cute in ma beanie, my flinstones bed tee, finally painted my nails all pretty, photo of me & my fam in Dubai, mum bought me a cute teddy to cheer me up, cuddling my teddy, i made lemon cupcakes & malteasers cupcakes, just about to go out, much love for Sophia, Sunday is a onesie day!

I've had an alright week, it's been pretty chilled and i've spent a lot of time resting, stupidly wasted all my resting time by going out Friday night which totally killed me! Although i had a nice alcohol fuelled evening yesterday at a mates house with a group of people which was nice. I've got a busyish week lined up though! Helping a friend sell cupcakes to raise money for the Beauty with a Purpose charity, and i've got a photo shoot on Wednesday, so that should keep me a bit busy!

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daisychain said...

LOVE the flinstones tee! x

Cailin´s Place said...

nice pics!;D

Josie said...

Haha love your Flinstones tee! xxx

Panty Buns said...

I love your nail polish in the fifth photo, the pretty waterview in the sixth, the cute (and hugged) teddy, the cupcakes, the self-portrait outfit photo, the funny face and the onesie! It's sweet of you to help sell cupcakes to raise money for the Beauty with a Purpose charity. I hope you've been having a wonderfully happy Saint Patrick's Day and have a perfect and fun photoshoot on Wednesday!

Jaz xo said...

I love the onesie and your nail varnish! xo

Ellen Grace said...

Your nails are amazing and you can't go wrong with a onesie!

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