Week In Photos #16

Sunday 3 March 2013

Ribbet collage
some of my cute pretty cushions/ oh hello heart bruise/ love my Brody/ my home-made healthy banana smoothies are the best/ still awake at 4am/cant go wrong with good ole Candy King/ Love Struck Clothing shoot/ pretty mannequin for my room/ faux Chanel beanie/ one of my cats Tizer/ #SelfHarmAwarenessDay/ The glue in my body doesn't work!

My week wasn't anything special, i've been so so ill and have spent my whole week under so many blankets sleeping, my immune system is absolutely useless and ive had a really bad throat infection which has just totally knocked me. I got diagnosed with an illness this week, which i'm going to write a blog post about just because i think it's something that people need to educated on, and hopefully it'll give you a better understanding too me too.



Anonymous said...

I love the faux Chanel beanie and your pillows are so cute! OX

Unknown said...

How did you get so many bruises girl?? The heart one is pretty cute though ;)

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

How did you get all those bruises? I bruise really easily so people think I'm a cage fighter or something hahaha!



Southern (California) Belle

daisychain said...

Your pillow collection is ace x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

love your pillow cases and chanel hat! hope you're ok and get well soon dear. i really enjoy your blog though! if you like mine too, do you want to follow each other? xo jess

Jeeda said...

wow love your pillow cases

Helen said...

Love your cute cushion collection!

melissa said...

i like teh chanel beanie cute

womens clothing said...

Thank you for sharing .!!!!

Ellen Grace said...

I bruise like a peach too lol, you look so pretty

A little bit Unique


Corinne said...

I thought I bruised easily! Gosh!

I really hope you are feeling better soon. Throat infections are nasty!

Corinne x

Victoria Talia said...

Very cool pictures! I love all the cushions on your bed!! I hope you'll feel better soon. xx

Bedford Victoria said...

hi, Great post. i Love these looks, your cat is very kind

Unknown said...

Nice :)


Coline ♡

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