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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Went and did a little bit of shopping, good ole' Charity Shops, i find the nicest things in there! Today i managed to find a lovely nautical dress from H&M and a lovely grey dress from Topshop
. The blazer i managed to find is from Matalan, it's a nice just off white colour. I can safely say that these three pieces are most definitely going to look great in my wardrobe, and it came to £12.99 for all these 3 pieces, bargain? I think so!
These beautiful pillows were £4 each, definitely worth it! I've wanted to add some pillows to my bed for a while, and after tidying it yesterday i thought that i'd definitely treat myself to them. They'll fit the black & white theme of my room and it'd of been rude not to buy them when they're so pretty, right? I found this LOVE photo holder and thought it was gorgeous, can't wait to put some photos in there.
Obviously, my makeup isn't from a Charity Shop, i don't think it'd be very hygenic to ever buy makeup from a Charity Shop, only if it's never been opened would it be okay! I've totally run out of make up so quickly so thought i'd splurge a little bit on Rimmel products. I bought: Kate 08 Lipstick, Kate 07 Lipstick, Match Perfection Blush, Natural Bronzer, Waterproof Eye Liner, VolumeFlash ScandalEyes Mascara. I've heard great reviews about the Mascara and considering i'd run out i thought i'd see what it's like then give you my views on it! The other products are more or less my 'usual' products, well all of them besides the lipstick, we'll see how i do with them.

To anyone that read my last post they'll know that i was waiting to see what the doctors were going to say about my blood, well i'm suffering with Hyponatremia at the moment, which in other words is Low Sodium. Instead of being admitted as that's the last thing anyone ever wants, i've been told i can't drink more than 1/2 a litre of fluid a day. Ridiculous because that's about 1 drink a day but i guess it's that or hospital so i'm going to try my best to stick to that. It's always me who seems to get ill. On the plus side, i just won £4 on a scratch card!


Amy W. Hemmingway said...

I adore the cushions, they are so lovely :)



Unknown said...

You have found some lovely items in charity shops! Makes me want to go and search myself.
I hope you get better soon! xx

Unknown said...

Have you been tested for hypothyroidism or Addisons disease? That is worrying that you are suffering from Hyponatremia, I had it once but caused by something else (was a bit of a bad time for me) and I nearly had to go into hospital for it. I hope you get it sorted soon, big hugs.

I love what you got, I saw that love photo holder too yesterday, I may go back and get it, it's so sweet isn't it?

Hope you are having a good Wednesday :)

Janine xx

teresweetstyle said...

the first dress is amazing, i love it honey!


Anonymous said...

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Anna Nuttall said...

Hi i love the white jacket :) Also it might be a good idea to get a second opinions on your illness, just for peace of mind and also to prevent anything getting too serious.

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