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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

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Jacket: Unknown

Yes, i'm wearing another monochrome look. You just can't ever  go wrong with a black & white outfit, and who am i kidding, i'm a simple girl! Dots are set to be big this Spring, so i opted for this dots on dots outfit. This shirt has little black sequinned dots on it, and over the the black skirt with white dots, i think it makes a great combo as they really compliment each other. I have a thing about buying tops in a bigger size than i actually am, it's the only way its i can end up feeling comfortable and a little less self-concious then i usually do. Decided to wear this cute little head band with this outfit too, not something i'd ever usually wear and i can't really decide if i'm too keen on it or not. I felt really little girl in this outfit, but with the leather jacket and dark lipstick, i now feel like it's added that needed oomph by make it look a bit more rock-esque.

I love the fact that i have a busy week this week, i'm never ever busy, dont't get me wrong, the majority of these appointments are hospital appointments, but it's nice to get out the house! I've got an appointment this afternoon which i've been waiting ages for, it's to review all my medication in regards to my depression etc. It 100% needs to be upped a lot or change, because things are just getting beyond ridiculous now and i'm well and truly fed up. Also, i've just got my appointment through for my Hypermobility Syndrome which i'm so happy about, i;ve been waiting ages for this! 


daisychain said...

I'm loving monochrome at the moment, you look great xx

Unknown said...

I love that skirt, cute headband too xo

Agnes W said...

Love your polka dot skirt and how you did your hair!

House of Illusions

Tasnim said...

love the polka dots detail!

jennie said...

I love monochrome! Gorgeous skirt! <3

Jennie xo |

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

monochrone is the best style, I always find myself walking into the business section just for the black and white :)

Unknown said...

I love your style, that jacket looks great with the skirt! You look lovely!

Unknown said...

fab fab fab ! i really love it|
follow each other?


Jeeda said...

ooh you look great love the skirt..Hope everything goes well with the hospital appointments
p.s I'm giving away a Henry Holland dress on my blog if you're interested

Jeeda said...

ooh you look great love the skirt..Hope everything goes well with the hospital appointments
p.s I'm giving away a Henry Holland dress on my blog if you're interested

Shannon Beer said...

I love this outfut, especially the skirt!xx

Anonymous said...

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Sabrina said...

I really love this outfit! It's got the whole adorable rocker feel to it. Great pairing with the jacket and polka dots!


Caroline Susanto said...

aww such a lovely look ^^ I love your skirt so much! ^^

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your look, grunge yet chic <3

Lydia said...

Love polka dots atm! You look gorgeous! X

Anonymous said...

Perfect outfit, love the dotted skirt. You really can't go wrong with a black & white outfit! xx

Hannah Wilkinson said...

Great outfit, I love your skirt!

Siri said...

I really like your outfit! I love the combination of everything and the skirt is really cute! :)

xx, Siri

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