Red & Black

Monday 7 January 2013

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Blazer: Vintage
Dress: Topshop
Belt & Tights: New Look

I went on a massive spending binge over Christmas, and this dress is one of the items that i picked up. A simple little black dress that can be worn for anything is something that every girl really does need in her wardrobe. This fit & flare dress is so cute, all dresses like this really make me feel so girly, especially when i twirl haha. I decided to wear this bow belt too to add something to the dress, making it less plain. I think the bow belt really works with this dress and just gives that bit of oomph. This blazer, which is also, like the black, a bold colour goes really well with the dress. The two colour together give such a fabulous colour block effect making this outfit quite eye-catching. I always have such a pet peeve with dresses or skirts that flare as i think they make me look huge. I suppose everyone has their own insecurities i guess.

Just had a hospital appointment and managed to get prescribed some more medication, but if it snaps me out of this meltdown mode i seem to be in at the moment, then all is well. Also, i've been told i've got to stop drinking, which i knew anyway, but they've even said on the weekends i should be careful.. So going to attempt to not for a while, may aswell DETOX yay Anyone got any good detox, tips, methods etc?.. Would love to hear what you all do to detox/cleanse your bodies! 



char said...

I've never done a proper detox, just the usual "try to cut out eating anything bad for me" and not usually doing all that well :/
I love the colour of this blazer!

Jade Jones said...

you're so pretty, i love your blog!!- jade xxx

oomph. said...

i love the addition of the bow belt. agreed that we all need a good LBD!


Robyn Roxburgh said...

Really cute dress! I love black a red together! One of my fave colour combos :)

Robyn Mayday

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