House of Fraser: Evening Dresses

Wednesday 2 January 2013

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I was recently contacted by Stephanie at House of Fraser, asking me if i would be so kind to do a post featuring my favourite dresses from the House of Fraser website. There are many beautiful dresses on there website which could be worn for many different occasions, but these are by far my favourite. All these dresses could be worn to an evening event, perhaps a meal or a nice bar, and i'm sure dresses 3, 5 & 6 could maybe even be worn on a night out. The long black dress & the red dress are stunning, and could be worn to the classiest of places. If you haven't been able to tell by looking at the dresses that i've chosen for this post, i like simple dresses! In my opinion they just look a lot better when there isn't a lot of decoration going on all over the place. Black is also a major favourite of mine, you can't ever go wrong with black though, especially for evening attire. Maxi dresses are another type of dress you can't go wrong with when going out for a nice evening meal or to a nice bar... apart from the small fact someone may accidently tread on it and make you trip.. but besides that, at least you'd look good while tripping! If you were to go to House of Fraser and buy one of these dresses, at least you'll know you'll look good! You would manage to look prim and proper in whichever of these dresses you decided to chose, and with minimal accessories too, you'd be well and truly sorted, just don't forget the shoes! :)


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