A Grand Adventure

Saturday 26 January 2013

I was recently contacted and asked if i would like to take part in the 'A Grand Adventure' competition. The competition is running in collaboration with the financial comparison website and the most creative entry has the chance to win £1,000! The top 3 entries will also be featured on too. Such a great competition!
Whether or not i was to win the £1,000, which is obviously a great amount of money and i'd be totally shocked as i never seem to win anything, it's just nice to actually share my views on where i'd like to go and why.


On my adventure, i'd like to take my mum to Hawaii. I wouldn't want to go backpacking necessarily because  i don't think that i could handle it with my hip or that that's something we'd enjoy doing. Hawaii has so much to offer, and so many of it's beautiful attractions are all natural. The main reason i want to take my mum to Hawaii is for the fact that i know between December & May, the gentle giant Humpback whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii. It's something that my mum has always wanted to see up close and personal, and it's something i've always promised that one day i'll be able to take her to see and enjoy. Whales are so beautiful   aren't they? It's crazy to think of all the damage they're capable of though considering they weigh tonnes!


Not only would we be able to see such beautiful whales, we'd also be able to experience some of Hawaii's culture, from clothing to cuisine. Experiencing the culture of Hawaii would be something which is fun, while also educating you in the process. A local dish which is well known and served in most restaurants is called a Loco Moco, which is hamburger patties, served with gravy and topped with two fried eggs. Doesn't sound like something we'd have here in England, but that's the joys of going to a different country, i love experiencing different cultures. Something else Hawaii is also well known for is there hula dancing, something that i would love to have a lesson in while soaking up the hot sunshine! Though i'm not entirely sure i'd be very good at it, but i'd be on holiday, i'd be allowed to make a fool out of myself in a coconut bra and grass skirt haha!

Obviously, while there, we'd go and look at some of the history behind Hawaii too, by going to their National History Park and also going to look at some of the Volcanoes. Hawaii is formed from a Volcano and is known well for that, so going and looking at all the craters and geysers would be so fascinating as it's like nothing we'll have ever seen before! My mum and i usually watch that Natural History channel so we've watched about things like this but to be near to it, walking on it, or just touching it would be such an amazing experience. Natural disasters really intrigue me and the natural forming of things really intrigues me.


I'd want to make the most of my time there by experiencing everything Hawai has to offer and educating myself as much as possible. While we weren't out, i'd be sunning myself on one of their delightful beaches, with a cocktail in one hand and book in another. I can hope that there'd be a nice, tall, dark, handsome, topless man fanning me too, but i somehow don't think that's going to happen!

I'd make sure i left enough money while treating my mum in Hawaii to whatever she wanted, to get a couple little gifts to bring home with me. I'm a sucker for sentimental things, and i think i'd have to buy a photo frame to put in my room, with a photo of my mum and I inside to remind of such an incredible holiday. I'd also get a couple other bits and bobs, maybe a cute little bracelet or a painting or something like that.

I'm getting so excited just writing about this holiday, but i know my mum would absolutely love this. She deserves it so much, she's my best friend and she does so much for me. So to be able to spend some real quality time with her and spoil her rotten, just like she deserves would be amazing, i couldn't ask for anything better.




Emily / said...

This is so lovely, Hawaii looks amazing:) x

Natalia said...

I would love to go to Hawaii too! x

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