Week In Photos #7

Sunday 23 December 2012

Ribbet collage

My birthday presents, snuggled in my new scarf, drinking on my birthday, tequila shot, making Jamie hold all my shopping bags, excited about a drink, you hot donut, left a note being told to 'drink me', Oxford Street Christmas lights, stupid photo of myself, sneaky photo of Jamie, i love my Brody.

I've had a really good week! On Wednesday, i decided for once, to go out on a major shopping binge. Didn't look at the price on anything, but just treated myself, spent a good bit, but oh well, happy birthday to me n'all :) I've managed to finally buy all my Christmas presents too, really happy with what i've got everyone this year too, hopefully they'll be over the moon with what Santa has brought them haha. I've drunk way too much alcohol this week too, i blaming it on my Birthday! Once Christmas Eve and New Years Eve is out the way, i'm going to kick off 2013 being alcohol free, majorly need to stop spending monies on the stuff.
I'm really pleased with myself too, i went into Oxford Street yesterday, i braved the train, the underground and the busy crowds.. yes i panicked a bit... but i did it. So happy with myself, really going to be able to start 2013 a bit of a clean slate having tackled some difficulties before the New Year is here.


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daisychain said...

you are so cute! xo

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