Tuesday 18 December 2012

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Happy 19th Birthday to me :) Can't believe it's been a whole year since i turned 18, 2012 has just absolutely flown by! I want to be Peter Pan and never grow up, being young forever sounds perfect - who needs responsibilities! I've been well and truly spoilt this year, i'm in total shock at everything i got to be honest,  wasn't expecting any of it at all. Everything is so appreciated, the presents are just great! I'm ust sitting here with the biggest smile on my face, :) I'm going for drinks tonight at my local pub with friends and family, and i just plan to get rather drunk haha... but i'm allowed it's my birthday after all!


Here's a Birthday Kiss for you, my lovely readers! 



Anonymous said...

Definately just meant for me ;) Oh... :p x

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Happy birthday! That year's gone quickly! x x

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! :) xx

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday for yesterday. I hope you're not too hungover today. You got some lovely pressies!!

Janine xx

Anonymous said...

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