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Monday 19 November 2012

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Jumper: Charity Shop
Pashmina: Dubai Market
Leggings: New Look

This is one of my go-to outfits, it's so easy and comfortable. This jumper cost £2 from a local charity shop and i absolutely love it! Little bargains such as this one are absolutely perfect! This jumper is made of chenille yarn, something i'd never heard of till i researched this, but i'm loving the style of it. Easily my favourite jumper, and i love the length too. I've teamed it with this pashmina, me and my mum share the ones we have,  which are bright pink, black and beige. Considering my Iraqi heritage, i love things such as pashminas! I look kinda scruffy today, but i'm loving my little top knot!

Had an review appointment today which i was a bit nervous about, but it went a lot better than i thought, and instead of them just closing the book on me for this break, they've given me options and put with another therapist, so i'm over the moon about that to be honest. In other news, i've been looking at Christmas present ideas, and does anyone else LOVE the Keep Calm & Carry On items.. i think they're so darling! The fact you can create your own text for either a poster or mug is so good, definitely think someone will be getting a cute present from there from me this Christmas!



RocĂ­o Escudero said...

Wow nice jumper! It has a touch of grunge that I love it.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I'm glad you liked the post <3

alliedavies182 said...

love this jumper!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Beautiful jumper! The colour is so lovely! x

Ella said...

Love this jumper, so bright and festive! xx
Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage

Eloise said...

That's good to hear about your appointment!
And I'm completely in love with this outfit, such a bargainous jumper!


Anonymous said...

I love that sweater! It looks soooo comfy <3


High-Stitched Voice

Kristina said...

love the look - so simple but so chic :)

lucy jarvis said...

Such a nice jumper!

lucy x

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