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Thursday 22 November 2012

x xxxx xxxxx xx xxx DSCF8472
Pashmia: Unknown
Blazer: Primark
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Tights: Tesco

These photos were taken earlier in the wind.. as you can tell due to my hair and dress blowing about everywhere! It''s been so windy here today in Hertfordshire! This dress is something i bought off ebay for £2 back in the Spring time and for a stupid reason, i haven't actually worn it! I put it on and then remembered why... i don't have the boobs to support it! and my chest and some of my bra are openly on show. Not a good look for anyone! Then ta-da Pashmina to the rescue, bright and bold! I've turned this dress from a summery dress into a smart-casual wear look. I love the gold on to bottom, the pattern is so cute and the fact it's shimmery too emphasises the fact that it's perfect wear when getting close to Christmas time!

I've been so chirpy and bubbly today which is a major change to my mood yesterday. But i'm thinking positively at the moment and intend to keep it that way as long as possible! Unfortunately, it was my last appointment with my support worker today for one of the therapies i'm under as it's coming to an end on the 3rd December when i'll say goodbye to my therapist, as she's pregnant and also the service just isn't working for me at the moment  But yeah, saying goodbye to my Support Worker was very emotional, we said our goodbyes and i gave her a box of Lindt chocolates and a box of Roses chocolate along with a Christmas card with my thanks to her written inside. We ended up having a long hug as she was leaving, and she said to me quietly, 'Good luck baby, i believe in you'. Really trying to keep those words in mind and hopefully make some progress. So i've decided i'm going to TRY and do a Time For Print Photo shoot and build my confidence up and see if i'm able to start modelling again... BIG STEP, but i'm going for it. Wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

You look amazing in this dress! :) xx

MaryBeth said...

black , gold and neon pink is so amazing together!!
I never thought of it! Great look.

Elena said...

Just found your blog dear. Wow that dress is amazing, i love it!

Hope you'll come to visit me :))
Kisses, The Spotted Cherry Pie

Jade said...

you look fab, i love this!

Chelsea Finn said...

I love love love the gold! So perfect for the holidays. I love how you transformed the look with the pink!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Lela London said...

You are so gorgeous! Love this outfit.

Lela -

Rachel said...

Love the skirt and the pink looks amazing! xo

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Your dress is gorgeous! :)
Thanks for your comment on my blog!


patricia petit said...

Wow, that look is so amazing!

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