Miss Hertfordshire 2012 Finals!

Thursday 22 March 2012


Readers of my blog will know that i was a finalist in the Miss Hertfordshire competition. I competed on the 18th March 2012, it was a great day and i met some lovely girls and got to work with some great people, such as the organiser Sue Waite and the Choregrapher, Lisa who is the Choregrapher for the Miss England competiton. I didn't place, but i didn't expect to, all in all i only really did the Beauty Pageant to boost my confidence and i can safely say that i really did. I had a wonderful time!
The first outfit that i'm wearing is an Eco-Friendly material, the top is made of bubblewrap and the skirt is made out of a bin liner, pretty cool right!? The evening dress i bought from a little shop in Font Hill, Finsbury Park. I was so fussy about having to get the right one, and i was exceptionally pleased with the dress that i picked.

Since the Miss Hertfordshire Finals, i applied for Miss Intercontinental England and i am a finallist for them too. I will be competiting in the Finals in Manchester at the Palace Hotel on the 8th April! I haven't got too long to find a sponsor, so if you would be interested in sponsoring me, please email me at It would be great PR for your company considering girls from all around England will be competing. I also applied for the London School of Modelling, seen on the hit TV show Models, Misfits & Mayhem. I was one of the 10% selected out of a large amount of girls applying weekly to be a student. I will be a student for a day, will get to know how the Modelling Industry works, create my portfolio, learn how to work with professionals, how to present myself, how to walk, how to look etc, etc etc.
Things really seem to be looking up for me!



Anonymous said...

Nice to see eco clothing - love the bubblewrap

underthewillowtrees said...

Love both outfits and you look lovely in them :) Sounds like a fun day and yay for modelling school! xx

Caroline said...

Love the eco outfit and the red dress is gorgeous! Glad things are going well for you, best of luck with your student day with the modelling school :)

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

LillianZahra said...

You look lovely, sounds like it was a really fun day and a really good experience! x

Unknown said...

Well done, glad you placed in the finals!

- Doug

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