Monday 20 February 2012

Can you believe that it's London Fashion Week 2012. It's come around so quickly. LFW is showcasing some of the A/W 2012 trends, what colours, materials and structures are meant to be in trend once Spring & Summer come to a close.
Below you will see a range of different designers listed who showed their pieces on either Day 1 or Day 2 of London Fashion Week. Obviously more designers then the ones i've listed were there, but these are some of my favourite designers based on their pieces for A/W12. From all their pieces i've picked a few of my favourite pieces from their that were shown during LFW and created these collages.

Felder Felder Collection

About: The Designers of Felder Felder are Annette & Daniela Felder who are orgininally from Germany. They created their own label in 2006 and reckon 2012 will be a year that is full of suprises for us. There trademark piece for Felder Felder's A/W12 Collection is a Tailored Jacket worn with one of their signature jewellery pieces.You can view their lookbook here.

Jena Theo Collection

About: The designers behind Jena Theo are Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis, and they are from England and Greece respectively. Jenny used to work as a buyer whereas Dimitris used to work freelance for British and Greek fashion companies. Together they aim to make 'timeless clothing that the owner can treasure forever'. The trademark piece behind their A/W12 Collection is the Soft-Structured, Geometric Winter Coat.

Daks Colleciton

About: The designer behind Daks is Sheila McKain-Ward who is originally from the USA. She has a BA(Hons) degree in Textile Design. Sheila says that woman dressed in Daks will have the look of 'timeless, classic elegance'. Daks is all about Style and Attitude yet still manages to incorporate Simplicity and Elegance into that. 

J. JS Lee Collection

About: The designer behind J. JS Lee is Jackie Lee, a woman originally from Seoul in Korea. J. JS Lee's design signatures are that of chic, minamilist and modernist tailoring and the trademark piece for this collection is the Embossed Details that you'll see on Solid Fabric. Jackie says that her inspirations for the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is The Cloud, The Shadow & The innocence. If you want View the J. JS Lee Lookbook you can see it here.

Jasper Conran Collection

About: Jasper Conran created his own label at the young age of 19 and was among the first group of designers to showcase at London Fashion Week. The aim of Jasper Conran is to ensure Timeless, Contemporary British Style. He hade many A/W12 inspirations, some of them being; the purity of the cut and the simplicity of the shape. Jasper doesn't have a favourite decade in fashion because he manages to find different things, from different times that inspire him.
Simone Rocha Collection

About: Simone Rocha has used her own name as the title for her company, and Simone is originally from Ireland. Simone has completed her BA in Fashion and she graduated from her MA in 2010. Simone Rocha aims to give the pieces of clothing a romantic yet strong and modern look to them. She says that her trademark piece is the Floating Perspex Brogue in the upcoming A/W12. Her favourite decade in fashion dates back to the 1800's.

House Of Holland Collection

About: The designer behind House of Holland is Henry Holland who is orginally from Ramsbottom and before Henry set up his label he used to be a stylist. His label aims to incorporate irreverent, colourful and bold looks into his pieces. Judging by the bright colours in all his pieces you won't be suprised that his favourite fashion decade happens to be the 90's. Tour De France, 70's Sportswear and Mork & Mindy are his inspiration for his A/W Collection. His trademark piece cannot get much simpler, it is none other than.. The T-Shirt.

John Rocha Collection

About: It is not uncommon for designers to use their own name as the name of their company. Well, that is exactly what John Rocha who is orginally from Hong Kong has done. He now lives in Ireland. The key piece is his Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection is a Hand Crochet Jacket because the tassles, silk and cashmere work beautifully together with a shearling collar. His designer hero is none other than, Alexander McQueen.

Temperley London Collection

About: The designer behind Temperley London is Alice Temperley who is orginally from Somerset in the UK, she now lives in London. The highlight of her career is that she is still around and being independent. Alice says her three 2012 Autumn/Winter 2012 inspirations are; Rick damask textures, Paintings and Portraits from the beginnings of the Renaissance and tapestries & wallpapers with ornate jewel-tone colour palletes, and exagerrated gilt carvings and sculpture. Temperely London has grown as a company and the Collections have evolved as the pieces are much more sophisticated and have a streamlined shape.

These are just some of my favourite pieces from the Designers. My 3 favourite Collections from the ones above are The Felder Felder Collection, The Jasper Conran Collection and The Temperley London Collection. The colours in each of these collections appeal to me and the pieces in these collections are really extravagant, yet still simple and some pieces may even be able to be worn without looking to OTT. In Jasper Conrans Collection the colours Nude and Gold which seem to work exceptionally well together, creating soft yet sharp looks. Colours to watch our for this A/W12 are gold, black, brown and red, they are colours that seem to be cropping up a lot. What i like about the Temperley London Collection is that a lot of pieces seem wearable to non-fashionistas as they don't look too daunting like some of the other pieces in the collection. Even though these pieces are High Fashion i don't reckon it'll be too long till we are seeing replica's of some of them all over the High Street. I'm not going to lie there are a lot of the items that i want in my wardrobe now, oh how i wish i had that kind of money.

What do you think of London Fashion Week so far? Are any Designers, Collections or Pieces really standing out for you?



daisy kate said...

I LOVE the John Rocha show, and I love that you've provided us with little facts about each designer :)

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fashionismyh2o said...

Wow great round up Courtney! LOVE the Jena Theo collection - right up my 'street' ha-ha. Some amazing pieces throughout though, I wish I could afford fashion week or even new clothes in general!


roel said...

I really love the J. JS Lee and House of Holland collections!

Unknown said...

I love this post! Temperley London is so nice and i really like the Simone Rocha and Jasper Conran collections!

M. said...

hertfordshire? I m obsessed about the place coz of Pride and Prejudice:)

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Clara Turbay said...

In love with this blog.

rainmaker said...

Hi - great postings. Great to see a couple of Korean designers showing on schedule at London Fashion Week. J.JS Lee and Eudon Choi - they are from an obsessively fashion forward and style conscious country - well recognised as such in the US. Its high time we recognised Asian talent in the UK eg, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Thakoon Panichgul, Richard Chai, Prabal Gurung etc are the toast of New York Fashion Week and Vogue US. Ask anyone in dull, grimy chav-tastic Britain, and they can't even pronounce their names. Its Uggs and elasticated leggings all the way in the UK. No wonder Central St Martins grads leave for more stylish, high-spending shores. Sorry guys, it had to be said. Great site, keep up the good work!!

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