Sunday 30 October 2011




The first time i've ever done anything for Halloween, such as a party! Ofcourse i did the trick or treating with mummy or daddy when i was younger (was always a witch - was obsessed) BUT never a party, which means i never dressed up properly. Even as a kid, for a witch, i would just take a broom, buy a hat to wear and dress in black, always very boring and simple. But when my friend rung me up last night saying 'the chairman of Mayfair Events has said we can go to Amika Nightclub, in Kensington and get in by saying his name at the door on his V.I.P guestlist'. It was an amazing night, the club was decorated AH-MAZINGLY and we didn't have to pay for a single drink all night and spent most of the time in the V.I.P area. Being on his V.I.P table meant free Grey Goose Vodka and Champagne all night. Can't ask for much more than that can ya! Me & Chloe decided we'd be totally unique and D.I.Y our Halloween outfits, as you can tell. Both zombie girls. I'm a zombie school girl, and i think my friend Chloe looks SO much like 'Wedenesday Addams' from the Addams family! It's funny how much you can achieve with everyday stuff. We used genuine makeup as our 'face paint' and the white stuff in our hairs is actually just dry shampoo sprayed close to the hair for a while, then held in place by hairspray. What do you think!?

Not that i care much, if at all for them, but the Made In Chelsea cast were on our V.I.P table. They are incredibly stuck up and after having a couple conversations with a few of them i can safely say i'm glad i've never watched their show! They genuinley think they're better than everyone, quite amusing really, a lot of them were very drunk too, falling all over the place and just being totally embarrassing. We didn't appreciate the constant bitching from them either, oh my, it was ridiculous! Constant staring and the whispers! On the plus side, we were invited to an after party with them, but we opted to not go!

All in all, for my first official Halloween, where i've actually made an effort and tried to enjoy myself i had a blast, it was just what i needed!



little henry lee said...

i never normally doing anything for halloween either but my friends and i dressed up and had a party so i ended up having a great time too! :)

GeorgieWilding said...

Looks like you had a great time, love yours and your mates outfit, lucky for being a vip. The dry shampoo worked well :) x

char said...

aww im glad that you had a lovely time! :)

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

L-U-C-K-Y. And I can't believe that the MIC crew were so rude! Just because you're on TV, doesn't mean that you're a celebrity or that you're better than everyone else! x x

TheMakeupMuffins said...

Haha I don't watch Made in Chelsea but from what I've heard, I can imagine the snobbiness. Glad you had a great time though regardless, you looked really cool. Check out my Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake recipe on my blog and have a Happy Halloween!

Victoria said...

Awesome outfit, you and your friends look great. Very disappointed in the MIC crew, didn't think they'd be like that. Happy Halloween xx

daisychain said...

You look so fab!

The MIC crew irritate me more and more, I used to like the show but they've all got too big for their boots now.

Chelsea Finn said...

Ahhh! You seriously look so amazing! I love your outfits. Great creativity!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

cool outfit! Looks like you had fun!

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