Thursday 22 September 2011


Blazer: Primark. Blouse: Charity Shop. Skirt: H&M. Tights: Topshop.

Not gonna lie, i think this smart outfit is pretty snazzy! Easily the smartest outfit i've ever put together, proud moment. This grey blazer i was unsure about wearing with a white blouse and black tube skirt, i think a black blazer would of been the safest option, as you can't really go wrong then, but thought i'd try this grey blazer instead. I love pussybow blouses they're so cute and inoocent, yet so smart too! I always write about how a black tube skirt is my 'safe' item, just can't really go wrong with it, i always just feel that it makes me look a bit bulky, so has to be worn with a cardigan or blazer to cover my insecurities! Finally got around to painting my nails too, a nice pure red, goes beautifully with this outfit as well.

Todays been a bit of a downer for me, i don't even know why, i can't put my finger on it, but you know when it's just 'one of those days', unneccesairily stressed and upset about just everything and nothing at the same time? Well yeah, that has been my day, Sigh. Luckily my boyfriend being really supportive in many ways, probably without even realising he's being helpful to be honest, but i really am lucky to have him, he's my knight in shining armour! Anyways, it was Open evening at school tonight, and i volunteered to help out with the Health & Social Care department which wasn't too bad. Only downside was having to spend 3 constant hours talking about calories, the sugar content in food and what you'd have to do to burn off a certain meal. Like can you believe that in 1litre of coke there is 60 teaspoons of sugar, 60, times like these i'm glad i drink Diet Coke!!



little henry lee said...

i hate those days! but i love your nail polish with your outfit, and i love pussybow blouses too. :)

oomph. said...

i love pussybow blouses...they lend a very feminine vibe. i think the grey blazer was a good choice!


Please may I? said...

Looking very smart and lovely. Loving the blouse.

X x

a said...

I hate having 'one of those days'. I love your outfit though, it looks smart but glamourous :)X

daisychain said...

I spent three hours calculating patient BMIs the other day. It killed me.

Love this outfit. My favourite from you. Ever.

Becky Milkbubbletea said...

such a cute blouse :) xx

Unknown said...

such a sweet look, doll! this is super flattering on you :)


Northern Style Exposure said...

love the post

DailyGlamour said...

great pics !

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