Friday 16 September 2011


Dress: River Island. Blazer: Primark. Belt: New Look. Tights: Topshop

I actually think i've got to grips with the smart attire for school quite nicely! So yes, this is one of my outfits, todays outfit infact. This dress is a new recent purchase and is from the Chelsea Girl range at River Island. It came with an underneath slip of the matching colour so that the holes in the actual dress dont go through to show exact flesh. I think the colours really nice, i don't really know what colour it is exactly? A light orangey-beige, or a light brown? What do you think? The pattern of the holes on the dress is really cute too. The blazer, £10 from Primark, what a bargain! The blazer fits really nicely and is really good quality which is always a plus. I wasn't too keen on the outfit without a belt so i've worn one, but perhaps the dress without a belt will grow on me, who knows. Apologies for disgusting chipped nail varnish too, i really need to get some nail varnish remover in!

I'm sorry i've disappeared for so long, it's been a ridiculous time since i last blogged! I just haven't had the time since being back at school and everything, it's exhausted me soso much and i've had a lot going on medical and health wise. On the plus side, i'm so excited to be back at school learning, i'm enjoying my a-level subjects and actually enjoying doing the work! I'm studying double health & social care and psychology, both subjects which i'm really interested in as hopefully in the future i'd like to go into a career which helps people in some way, shape or form. But yeah, i've been really busy trying to get involved with the school and keeping on top of work, i've even applied to be a prefect! (Keep your fingers crossed for me!) Hopefully if i get it it'll do wonders for my confidence and make me feel part of something instead of totally useless! Going to a fancy dress party tonight, i'm really looking forward to just having a break and a drink with some good friends who i haven't seen in ages! I'm going as an american cop, i'll be sure to post
photos for y'all! Rightio, i probably should go, i've got double psychology this afternoon. CYA.



Hayley said...

I love this outfit, you look so smart and that colour really suits you (whatever it is haha!) xx

Susanne said...

you look pretty elegant in this :) would be a perfect bussiness lady ;)

daisychain said...

I absolutley love that dress x

Gertrude said...

Such a pretty elegant dress! x

Krissy ~ style san san said...

cute dress! love the lace!
Krissy xoxo

Veronica said...

omg. i love this outfit!! I cannot get enough camel lately!! I have boughten so much of it!! This is definately one of my favorite pieces!! you look awesome in it!!

Caroline said...

Love that dress, the colour is perfect! Looks great with the blazer x

Unknown said...

love your outfit :)

Erin said...

Love that color of your dress-such pretty lace-and you look gorgeous!


Erin @

Daisy said...

Love the colour of this dress! And the blazer looks great with it. I need to find a nice one for A/W I think! x

Cylia said...

hey girly:) long time no speak! how are you?;) lovee your haircolour.. and the outfits rocks!

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