Wednesday 11 May 2011


playsuit: River Island
tights: Topshop

I caved and bought my firrst little playsuit, only problem? Fits perfectly on the bottom but is HUGE on top and i've put the straps as tights as they'd go. I decided to let them just drape down instead, it looked better that way instead of it looking stupidly huge on me. You can see how ridiculous it looks in the second photo when i've tried to wear it how it should be worn. On the plus side, I like the navy colour of it and the white dots give it such an edgy look, yet still cute. Think i'm make sure i actually buy a playsuit that fits correctly next time haha!

Couldn't think of a name for this post, hence why the title is the date aha. Got some positive news kind of today at family therapy, i spoke to them about my anti-depressants and they agree with me that they aren't working and that the dosage definately needs to be higher. I'm quite glad i got an answer and wasn't just brushed off, it means the dosage can be changed and i can hope to improve. Spoke to them about quite a lot actually and it was so nice to get some stuff of my chest, i'm so teary and emotional so letting it out instead of bottling it up is always good. I'd always advise people to express how they feel instead of bottling it up, i know from experience that it does more harm than good.



Unknown said...

I've had a few playsuits that are too big on top like that. Just move the buttons or fasteners, whatever you use to close it with so it fits properly. x

essentially aimee said...

Oh, talking about my problems has definitely helped me in the past. What anti-depressant are they putting you on? I'm on Paxil and it's worked wonders for me.

That overall look is actually quite cute! You look lovely.


Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Glad you had a positive day :) I love your play suit it is just adorable :)

Love, Vanilla

bvickers said...

Such a gorgeous outfit! What you could try and do is gather a bit of the strap under a baggy bit of the strap, kinda like zig zag, and pin it like that if that makes sense? Doubt it does aha. Anyway you look lovely :)

Beth x

char said...

i love this playsuit! you look gorgoues, and very glad you made a bit of progress with the docs! :) xx

Hayley said...

Love the playsuit, kinda like dungarees!
You could adjust the straps? x

fashionismyh2o said...

That's super cute! It's a shame it doesn't fit but it looks lovely hanging down like you've styled it :) It's probably because youre really tiny up top like waist wise so it's big on you :) I have the same problem with some things it's annoying but you styled it out super well :)


Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Really cute play suit :) I love polka dots, they do really give a vintage edge to any item :)

Love, Vanilla

daisychain said...


Abi said...

I love polka dots, and your playsuit is super adorable. Makes me wonder if that's how it was designed to fit. A little like dungarees perhaps? Like that you're still able to wear them as "shorts" though.

Unknown said...

expressing ones feelings is definitely important, particularly for me <3 love these cute polka dots. you are adorable!


Bérénice ♥ said...

cute playsuit

Danni said...

Well don't you look lovely :) I'm so glad you found the courage to speak up to your therapist, and even moreso that they took notice- I know how hard it can be for anyone in that kind of profession to take notice- well done hun x

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