What a beautiful day

Wednesday 6 April 2011


shorts: New Look
tights: Topshop
nail varnish: Barry M Nail Paint - Pink Flamingo

I wanted to be brave and try the denim on denim look... but i opted not to, i don't really suit denim much on the top half. So instead i thought i'd wear my denim wash shirt to see what that looked like. I must say, i'm pleasently suprised with the outcome of this little outfit! I tied the shirt at the waist as it's quite long, and it's sitting really nicely. The pastel blue of the shirt and the darker shade of the shorts against the white top compliment eachother really well and the colour scheme is perfect for this kind of weather! I have no jewellery on so decided to paint my nails bright pink instead, totally makes up for it :)

It lovely and hot here in good ole' Hertfordshire today, most definately going to be whipping out the sunglasses! I'm about to go shopping with my boyfriend, i plan to raid Topshop, i'm excited! Decided i'm going to have to invest in another flippy skirt, i love them! + possibly a nice pair of shorts too.. and mm maybe a dress.. AH i want so many pretty things.. If only money grew on trees aye? Managed to get out of going to the dentist today too which i am very happy about, i friggin' hate the dentist. Anyways, enjoy the sunshine today!



Lauren said...

You carry off double denim reall well! :)

Leanne Dempsey said...

Lovely outfit, I love the shorts! xx

char said...

have fun shopping, looks like a lovely day there!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it insanely beautiful today?! I'm so excited! You look gorgeous, & I love the colour of your hair :) xx

Hannah. said...

Love what you're wearing, so nice! :) xx

I'm having a giveaway, you might wanna check it out :) ?

TRAX Fashion Magazine said...

you look FABULOUS with the denim on denim look.
i love how well you pull it off.
and the tights go lovely with it!

Unknown said...

I love your shirt and that colour on your nails is lovely! :)x

daisychain said...

Aw, your rocking the double denim!

Reckless Rekha. said...

Yay for the double denim look. Love the shirt <3

Anonymous said...

It was lovely today, so impressed with this bit of warmth - was well needed! I like outfits that you're a little unsure about until you try them on and they just seem to work, the shirt looks great!

fashionismyh2o said...

I love the double denim look here it really works on you :) some people just look odd but it's awesome here :) agree the weather is beautttts today I was in shorts and tights too and literally just stood on my drive in the sun like a moron for about 10 minutes ha-ha.


The Hue Smiles said...

i was never a believer of double denim, but you may have changed my mind with this post. you pulled it off, great look
Forever Chic,

Jenny said...

I totally love the denim on denim look! You pulled it off so well. That jean shirt was the perfect touch! xoxo

helen turnbull said...

mmm mmm double denim.

Thanks for the comment :).

Helen, X

Camilla said...

Lovely shirt :)

X Camilla

Kristina said...

... what a beautiful outfit !


Viv said...

i adore the denim on denim look, awesome outfit :)

Please may I? said...

Looking lush as ever.

X x

Chelsea Finn said...

I think you pulled this off so well! I always love your outfits. :)
Wish I could raid Topshop! haha.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Hayley said...

The double denim looks great on you! Really like it :) You look really pretty too x

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