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Friday 8 April 2011


dress: H&M
tights: Topshop
bracelets: Sainsburys
sams shirt & jeans: Topman

Another beautiful sunny day here in Hertfordshire! 3rd day in a row, crazy! Perfect oppurtunity for me to try this little summer dress that i bought the other day when i went shopping with Sam. It's pretty short when i walk, rides up a little bit, but besides that i love this. I don't own many summery dresses, but this makes me feel so girly, i love the floral pattern. I never really like H&M's clothes, but i was pleasently suprised with this little find, for only £9.99 too, what a bargain! I ended up wearing a long black cardigan with this dress, i'm so self concious dammit! I made Sam take some photos with me today, just after he'd changed his tyre.. i'm so inpatient i didn't even give him a chance to wash his hands till after we took some photos haha. The first photo of us we're not actually posing, we were looking at my brother who was being an idiot by his window!

I'm actually loving this weather, it's put such a turn around on everyones mood. It's funny how a bit of sun can make everyone so much cheerier. I really can't wait for summer,to get away from everything for a few weeks sounds like just what i need right now. I'm going to plymouth on the 22nd April to stay with some friends i met on holiday a couple years ago, it's going to be absolutely ah-mazing to get away for a few days.. praying that the weather stays nice and sunny when i'm there please! My life's so boring at the moment, if it wasn't for Sam, i'd of died of bordem! Even my 15 year old brother has a better social life than me at the moment, he's going out tonight to a party and drinking. Me.. i'm staying at home watching trashy soaps. Lovely jubbly haha! I also have nothing planned whatsoever for this weekend, i think it's most likely going to revolve around the football, going to a football presentation for my brother, watching the football on tv, and then watching my brother play on sunday. Oh yes.. how exciting! Hope you all have more exciting plans than i do for this weekend!



Hayley said...

I love that dress, it looks so good on you!
You and Sam make such a cute couple :) x

Danni said...

I love how happy the sun makes everyone too- it's certainly having that effect on me! Such a relief not to wear coats and trudge through the rain.
The print on that dress is lovely - v impressed with H+M! x

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely dress,lovely outfit!

Unknown said...

The dress looks gorgeous, and what a great price too!
I know what you mean about sun improving people's moods but like you i am SO BORED of my life right now. Roll on summer and freedom I say xx

LillianZahra said...

Love the dress, so cute and summery. The sun has definitely put me in a much better mood - really hope the weather stays this nice! x

Anonymous said...

Your dress looks so lovely! The weather was great wasn't it? I enjoy waking up in the mornings now because the sun is always shining. I've got work over the weekend which is boring but its not for too long which is good, hope you enjoy your football filled weekend!!

Dilan Dilir said...

hope you had a wonderful day!

helen turnbull said...

Such a lovely fit dress. Arhhh I love how summery its been. Few sun rays = instant good mood :).

Helen, X

Tonya said...

I love your dress!! SO gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Lovely dress, i really like that floral print :)x

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

That dress is so cute, I adore the print on it. Im not usually a H&M kinda girl either, but that is lovely

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Marie said...

The dress fits you well and I like it with tights.:D

***** Marie *****

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