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Sunday 6 March 2011

miss selfridge collage
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Hello Miss Selfiridge Items...GET IN MY WARDROBE!

1. Brown paperbag shorts... love at first sight!

2. A chunky knit cardigan like this, would be perfect right about now. Gorgeous colour and length!

3. Such a cute & girly ring.. and only £6.50!

4. I'm constantly going on about how much i need these, SUSPENDER TIGHTS! The bow pattern is nice.

5. Been looking for a skirt like this for a while, flattering shape & colour!

6. Loafers with a bit of a heel, in black.. needed! So sophisticated and elegant.

7. Adore these shorts! The colour & bow are just majorly cute and flattering, very girly too!

8. The most adorable ring ever, so odd and it makes me giggle.. ribbet.

I forgot to take any photos this week to do a 'week in photos' post.. oooops. Sorry! Decided i kind of like Miss Selfridge again... they've got some really nice items in at the moment, as you can see above. I used to love them, then went off them for ages, and decided recently that i like them again.. any items you particularly like from Miss Selfridge at the moment!?


A photo of me & Sam from last night, we spent a nice night in together yesterday evening. Bought him a steak, and we rented 'The Social Network' (he would watch Despicable Me with me :() But he fell asleep five minutes in, so i have no idea what the movie was like.. such a waste of money haha!

This week i've got a few appointments.. ugh! Tuesday i've got Fracture Clinic & the dentist.. and i need a filling DAMMIT. So expect a moany post then. + Friday i've got a bloodtest to see if my livers got better/worse. (fingers crossed its got better!) Need to go to the doctors this week and i neeed to make an appointment with my M.E consultant as i have majorly deteriorated which is NOT good! Feeling so down in the dumps too.. definately thinking some form of 'retail therapy' is in order this week!

Anyways, hope you all have a good week!



hidden-freckles said...

that frog ring is so cute! x

Sophie in the Sticks said...

Such a cute selection! I adore both pairs of shorts, looking for the perfect pair of brown all year round shorts....

Emily said...

I've been after a pair of classic paperbag shorts for a while too, can't believe those are from Miss Selfridges?!

Lovely blog, hope you're feeling better soon

cowbiscuits said...

those shoes are so cute! xx

Anonymous said...

Those shorts with the bow are sooo lovely! ^_^
I'm on a spending ban but now I'm having to rethink this lol!
also that ring is really pretty!

Hope your week goes well! :}

The Editor said...

haha, this photo of you two is absolutely delicious! :P

Claire said...

I like pictures 3, 4 7 & 8 the rings and the shorts! wow.

x♥x♥ :)

Anonymous said...

you pretty much read my mind with your list!
I definitely covet no.1 and no.7!
I'm a huuuge fan of paperbag shorts :)
and lovin your white nail polish!
xx natalie

Kim W. said...

everything is freakin cute! i love colors! and i dig ur white nail polish... i wish i cld pull that off. :)

Francesca said...

i seriously want all those things that you picked. that photo of you two is so cute too ^_^ I'm a new follower and I hope you follow me too :)

Allegra said...

I absolutely adore these shorts!

Allegra said...

hey, thanks for commenting back on my blog and following - I follow you too!

Kristina said...

loooove the frog ring :)


Abigail Wise said...

I adore those brown shorts! All of these spring clothes must be a sign that it's on the way! Thank goodness :) I'm ready for some fun in the sun.

Nora said...

i love number 7! ;)

Robyn said...

Love the dusty color palette. Both of those shorts are perfect for spring here.

Tights Lover said...

Love the wardrobe...I'm a huge fan of suspender tights, and the bows make these gorgeous!

Good luck with the appointments this week!

Emma Jayne said...

love all these items, I always forget about Miss Selfridge and they always have some lovely stuff in.

Emma x

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