My my, what a beautiful day.

Monday 28 February 2011


dress: Vintage
belt & cardigan: New Look
tights & necklace: Topshop

I was in a jumper & pair of leggings majority of the day, but decided that perhaps i should make some form of effort. Me & Sam have been together 6 months today, so i used this as an oppurtunity to dress up without going OTT. Love this floral dress, it's just gorgeous, yet, it's huge on me, hence why it's belted, but i think it beign belted gives it a really nice shape, although it would most likely look more flattering if it was fitted. I think it looks pretty and girly, it's got a nice Spring look about it too. I've worn three rings (totally forget where they were from, sozz) + a heart pendant necklace. Also, painted my nails white, i think white nails just look ah-mazing. I used the Models Own brand which i found amaazing. Oh how i wish my satchel was a Mulberry Alexa, but no, it's from Topshop, and cost around £40, love it! Also, i apologise for the rubbish photo quality of the photo where i'm smiling, don't know why it decided to go all weird.

But yeah, like i said, Sam & I have been together for 6months today (well, it would be on the 31st, but there is none, so therefore it's today:]) Like, i know it's not like 'omg we've been together for 10 years - happy anniversary' etc, but it just makes me so happy, i don't know, he just never fails to amuse/impress/amaze me. Eeeek, he makes me so happy! So yeah, tonight we're planning on spending a lovely night in together. He really cheered me up earlier when he popped in, just kind of gave me a 'happy boost' that i most definately needed. Hence why i decided to do my make-up, hair, and wear somethig nice :)




Lisa said...

LOVE the dress!! :) xxo

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

I <3 your blog and the dress, you look stunning :)
izzy x

Anonymous said...

You look lovely :) Amy,x

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on the 6 month anniversary, it's so sweet to celebrate it. I remember celebrating ours, it's be our 4 year anniversary this year.
I love your floral dress and it does add a little Spring to the outfit.

Hayley said...

I love this outfit, the dress is so nice!!
Congratulations on your six months! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress, it looks great on you. Hope you have a wonderful night with your boyfriend, he sounds like a keeper :)xxx

Maggie said...

That dress it utterly gorgeous!! You suit it so much! and Happy Anniversary! :)


Abby's World said...

i love your hair cut, and the rings are too cute

Sherin said...

Oooo, congrats on the 6 month anniversary. And you look really pretty. I love the floral dress.

Please may I? said...

Happy 6 months!

You look very pretty in that beautiful dress. Love the white nails too.

X x

essentially aimee said...

You look lovely! Congrats on you and Sam, you must both be so thrilled. Milestones in relationships are so happy and you're just in lala land all day! Enjoy, lady!


Sara said...

Great vintage find! Love the dress. Beautiful colors.

Unknown said...

You look so cute in this outfit :). Congrats on the anniversary too, it's great you're so happy together x

FashionJunkie123 said...

cool love this blog!! love the florals too! if you get time id love you to check mine out xx

Anonymous said...

your rings are fabulous!

<3 megan

BECKY MAY said...

Beautiful look! You're so pretty!

The Flower Girl

Anonymous said...

this dress is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is booootiful & so is your dress. And big congrats on 6 months doll, I'm exactly the same, hopeless romantic! Hope there will be lots of smooching!!! xxx

Kotryna said...

Oooh, you look so good:) And i loove your blog :)

charlotte said...

this is such a lovely OFOTD, you know what i mean OOTD there we are

Dolce Gabanka said...

My friend have this black heart :)

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